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Subject: SLS: Precedent for Impeachment (fwd)

> http://www.house.gov/barr/i_ltrhill.htm 
>"Mrs. Clinton's Defense of Impeachment,"
>by Bob Barr
>Wall Street Journal
>April 25, 1997
>Dear Mrs. Clinton:
>In February 1974 the staff of the Nixon impeachment inquiry issued
>a report produced by a group of lawyers and researchers assigned
>with developing a scholar memorandum setting forth the "constitutional
>grounds for presidential impeachment."
>You were a member of that group of lawyers and researchers, barely,
>I am sure, able to conceal your dislike for President Nixon.  Within the
>year, Nixon would leave office disgraced, having witnessed articles of
>impeachment voted against him by the House Judiciary Committee,
>based in part on your report.
>Relevant Today
>I must give you and your colleagues credit.  You did not appear to have
>let personal animus influence your work product, at least not the final,
>published report.  In fact, the report you and your colleagues produced
>appears objective, fair, well researched and consistent with other
>materials reflecting and commenting on impeachment.  And it is every
>bit as relevant today as it was 23 years ago.
>I presume -- but I must ask whether -- you stand by your research and
>analysis today.
>You said in 1974 that impeachment, as understood by the framers of
>our constitution, reflected the long history of the term used at least
>since late-14th-century England: "one of the tools used by the
>English" to make government "more responsive and responsible"
>(page 4 of your report).
>You also noted then -- clearly in response to those who mistakenly
>claimed impeachment as a tool to correct "corruption in office" that
>"alleged damage to the state," and was "not necessarily limited to
>common law or statutory . . . Crimes" (page 7).
>You quoted James Wilson, who at the Pennsylvania ratification
>convention described the executive (that is, the president) as not
>being above the law, but rather "in his public character" subject to
>it "by impeachment" (page 9).
>You also -- quite correctly -- noted then that the constitutional
>draftsmen chose the terms describing the circumstances under
>which a president could be impeached very carefully and deliberately.
>You noted that "high crimes and misdemeanors" did not denote
>criminal offenses in the sense that prosecutors employ such terms
>in modern trials.  Rather, in your well-researched memorandum, you
>correctly noted that the phrase "high crimes and misdemeanors" as
>substituted for George Mason's less precise term in an earlier draft
>of the Constitution: "Maladministration" (page 12 of your report). 
>Not only that, but your further research led you to quote Blackstone's
>"Commentaries o the Laws of England" in support of your conclusion
>that "high crimes and misdemeanors" meant not a criminal offense but
>an injury to the state or system of government (page 12).  I applaud the
>extent and clarity of your research.
>You even note that the U.S. Supreme Court, in deciding questions of
>intent, must construe phrases such as "high crimes and misdemeanors"
>not according to modern usage, but according to what the framers
>meant when they adopted them (page 12 once again).  Magnificent
>Even Alexander Hamilton finds a place in your research.  You quote
>from his Federalist No. 65 that impeachment relates to "misconduct
>of public men, or in other words, from the abuse or violation of public
>trust" that is "of a nature . . . political [emphasis in original]" (page 13
>of your report).
>Finally, in bringing your research forward from the constitutional
>drafting documents themselves, you find support for your properly
>broad interpretation of "high crimes and misdemeanors" in no less
>a legal scholar than Justice Joseph Story.  I was in awe of your use
>of Justice Story's "Commentaries on the Constitution" (1833)
>supporting your proposition that "impeachment . . . applies to
>offenses of a political character' . . . [that] must be examined upon
>very broad and comprehensive principles of public policy and duty"
>(pages 16 and 17 of your report).  I could not have said it better.
>You even note that the specific instances on which impeachment has
>been employed in our country's history "placed little emphasis on
>criminal conduct" and were used to remove public officials who had
>"seriously undermined public confidence" through their "course of
>conduct" (page 21).
>Clear Basis
>Mrs. Clinton, when I first raised the notion last month that the House
>should take but the first step in determining whether impeachment
>might lie against President Clinton for a pattern of abuse of office and
>improper administration of his duties, little did I realize your scholarly
>work 23 years ago would provide clear historical and legal basis and
>precedent for my proposition.
>Amazingly, the words you used in your report are virtually identical to
>those I use today.  For example, you said in 1974, much as I did in
>my March 11, 1997, letter to Judiciary Chairman Hyde, that
>"[i]mpeachment is the first step in a remedial process" (page 24 of
>your report) to correct "serious offenses" that "subvert"our government
>and "undermine the integrity of office" (page 26).
>Thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for giving Congress a road map for beginning
>our inquiry.
>Bob Barr (R., GA.)
>Member of Congress

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