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Subject: SLS: The Children in Denver.

Many thanks for your insights here.
I am taking the liberty of forwarding
your comments to other interested 
people.  Thanks again!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 04:45 PM 11/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>-- by identifying and ordering additional equipment which
>may be needed, such as sharpshooter .3006 rifles with
>precision scopes & ammo, should we need to blow tires 
>if/when a jet starts to taxi; 
>I am a shooter and a pilot.  I am not in your area or I would be
>more than will to assist.
>At ranges inside 700 yards (2100 ft)  a 30.06 will penetrate the
>cabin of a aircraft.  If your shooters are stationed outside the 
>perimeter of the airport but along the extended takeoff runway
>centerline they can put several holes in the cabin of the a/c.
>This will prevent proper pressurization and keep the a/c from 
>going much above about 15,000 ft.  The fuel range of the a/c
>at that altitude is such that a transoceanic flight would not be
>possible,  even with a full fuel load aboard.
>Ball ammunition (non expanding) should be used.  This helps
>to ensure both an entry and exit hole.
>Hope this helps.

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