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>Another one!  
>Clayton Douglas/The Free American:  More Phoney "Patriot" Stuff
>by Carol A. Valentine
>Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
>Talk with Clayton Douglas, editor and publisher of The Free American,
>and he will tell you that the Waco Holocaust was one of the defining
>moments of his life.  It changed him forever.  Waco was the reason he
>founded The Free American, he says.  
>Given this, one would imagine Clayton Douglas would make bringing the
>truth about Waco his magazine's first and foremost mission.  Instead,
>Clayton Douglas and The Free American cooperate with the agencies of
>You can see the most recent attempt in the November 1997 issue of The
>Free American, which features a  glowing review of "Waco: The Rules of
>Engagement."   The review was written by Roger Ebert, film critic for
>the Chicago Sun-Times.    
>Clayton Douglas published this laudatory review knowing that WTROE was
>filled to the brim with lies.  And Douglas has known the truth about
>WTROE for a long time.
>*  In March, 1997 I sent Clayton Douglas "Ambrose
>Evans-Pritchard--J'Accuse!" for publication in The Free American.  In
>that piece, I demonstrated how Ambrose was covering-up for the murderers
>of the Branch Davidians by promoting the hoax video. My piece was filled
>with references to primary source material which Douglas could have
>easily examined on the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum webpage and his
>local public library.
>To my surprise, the April, 1997 edition of  The Free American carried
>Ambrose's shameful cover-up piece
>--the very piece I had blasted.  My expose was, of course, not published
>at all.  So I called Clayton Douglas to ask him why.   
>Douglas did not disupte any of the evidence against Ambrose and WTROE I
>cited in my article.  Instead he said he published Ambrose's glowing
>review because WTROE was making people "mad" about Waco.  
>Douglas's argument may be phrased in other words:  "Why tell the truth
>when lies will serve the purpose?"  Lies, of course, never serve the
>same purpose as the truth. 
>In response, I urged Douglas to publish my piece in his next edition to
>give his readers a "balanced" presentation (lies balanced with truth.)  
>But Douglas wavered.  He told me that he had just written a piece
>ripping into Peter Kawaja (see May edition of The Free American), and
>that he did not want too much "negativism" in The Free American.  
>Clayton Douglas never did publish "Ambrose Evans-Pritchard--J'Accuse!" 
>He let Ambrose's deceptive critique go unchallenged, even though he was
>fully informed.    
>*  In September, 1997 I approached Douglas again on the hoax video. 
>After some discussion, he asked me to write a 2,000 word review of WTROE
>for publication in The Free American. 
>I wrote and submitted 2,000 words.  Again, my piece was filled with
>references to primary source material which Douglas could have easily
>examined in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum's webpage and his local
>public library.
>You can imagine my surprise when Douglas failed to publish my critical
>piece but did publish Ebert's puff piece on the hoax video in the
>November issue.
>*  I then recalled that early in 1997 I had prepared another article for
>The Free American at Douglas's  invitation.  In that article, I argued
>that the February 28, 1993 raid on the Mt. Carmel Center was not
>"bungled" but designed to fail to provide an excuse for the use of
>overwhelming military force against civilians. Again, my piece was
>filled with references to primary source material which Douglas could
>have easily examined on the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum's webpage
>and his local public library.
>When the article did not appear, I called Douglas.  He told me he had
>"lost" the piece.
>Now here it is, November 1997.  Almost a full year has passed.  Despite
>efforts to enlighten him, despite the evidence available at his
>fingertips, Douglas continues to run government cover-up stories on
>Waco.  Funny track record for man who was so moved by the Waco Holocaust
>that his entire life changed . . . 
>Given my three submissions, even a mechancial robot tossing a coin in
>the air would have a 50-50 chance of publishing the truth at least
>once.  It seemed a force other than chance was at work.  So on November
>18, 1997,  I called Clayton Douglas on the phone to find out what made
>him tick.  
>After the usual pleasantries, we got down to business.  I asked him why
>he was not using the material I sent him.  He offered a variety of
>excuses, all the while restating several times that Waco was THE issue
>that had changed his life, and that he had given up, as he said, "most
>of my life to fight against it."  Among his excuses:  
> *  "Things get lost on my desk . . . ."
>But the disinformation pieces on Waco don't get lost on Clayton's desk. 
>They get published in The Free American.  
>*  "I get over 200 submissions a week."
>>From the context of the conversation as it unfolded, I learned the "200
>submissions a week" included the  e-mail messages Douglas receives. Now
>that I think of it, I often see many articles in my own e-mail in-box
>long before they surface in The Free American.  
>*  "WTROE is causing liberals to change their minds," said Douglas. 
>Well, if the lies, half-truths, and omitted vital data in WTROE are
>causing "liberals" to change their minds, think of what the truth might
>do . . .   
>*  WTROE is getting people upset about Waco, said Douglas.  But getting
>people upset about the wrong issues and hiding the truth IS THE JOB of
>disinformation specialists.  WTROE does both.
>*  WTROE is convincing the establishment press about Waco, said
>Douglas.  But the fact that the establishment press is pushing WTROE
>should be a warning signal:  After all, didn't Clayton Douglas found The
>Free American because the establishment press promoted lies and
>*  "So what if WTROE does not go as far as we'd like?" asked Douglas. 
>But WTROE omits vital data, and is filled with half-truths and lies. 
>That WTROE does not go "far enough" is a gross mischaracterization of
>its flaws. 
>*  "I don't want someone who has got a single issue here," Douglas
>said.  Presumably, he was addressing this remark to me, concerning the
>"single issue" of Waco. But throughout the conversation Douglas
>confirmed that  Waco was the single issue that had changed his life. 
>Why would he object to a writer who submitted truthful articles on this
>very same (single) issue?
>I parried with Douglas.  I asked, given Waco changed his life and
>prompted the founding of The Free American, why did he print only damage
>control pieces in The Free American?
>Douglas then accused me of browbeating him.  "You're accusing me of
>having another agenda" . . . "If you want me to get your piece in the
>January edition, you'd best shut your mouth!" he shouted before hanging
>up in my ear.
>Let me make this public statement to clear the air:  No, no, no. 
>Despite what Douglas says, I am not accusing him of having a "another"
>agenda on Waco, or even a "hidden" agenda on Waco. 
>Clayton Douglas's agenda on Waco is long-standing, and obvious.  His
>track record tells the story.  His actions speak louder than my words
>ever could.
>Carol A. Valentine
>Copyright, November, 1997.
>May be reprinted for non-commercial purposes.
>[To read a comprehensive review of the hoax video, and a copy of the
>script for your own study, go to 
>http://www.Public-Action.com/SkyWriter/WacoMuseum/burial/burial.html  ].
>Carol A. Valentine
>President, Public Action, Inc.
>Have you seen the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum?
>See what they did to the mothers and children--

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