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>Hello Folks,
>  I have been considering for some time forming
>an organization such as a State Militia. Some will
>say no this has a bad image. I would like to form
>such an organization in Oregon to counter these
>stereotypes. I would like to see the formation of
>an Oregon State Patriot/Militia Force. This organization
>would be a sort of Statewide umbrella an mouthpiece
>for the Patriot movement in Oregon. People would
>continue to organize on the county level while we would
>be the State coordinators. Oregon is behind the other
>Northwest States in this regard.
>All that are interested must be Oregon Citizens, however
>we will accept out of state members on our Mailing/Reserve list.
>Much more planning and ideas need to be brought forward.
>I would like to see a Militia which address the concerns
>of all of " We The People".
>All those that are interested please e-mail me your
>contact information and we'll start from there.
>   mailto:nepal@teleport.com
>Suggestions welcome.
>Wanted a Commander with prior Military
>            for victory,
>               Paul Freedom

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