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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Jacques Cousteau on "world eco-criminals"

[This quote is unconfirmed as of this posting.]

"... [T]he distribution of birth control devices and the
 imposition of mandatory abortion practices in the third
 world countries is now ecologically insufficient and
 unfairly out of world social balance.  The white, upper
 and middle class females of modern society are too 
 healthy and fertile to be exempted from some imposed
 regulation of international law or mandate.  An American
 born child is environmentally too expensive to maintain
 to his or her adulthood in a world economy.  American
 women must be subjected to some manner of regulation
 beyond licensing or immediate and mandatory abortion

"Unconventional and extreme measures must be implemented
 and enforced by global U.N. mandate as it is deemed
 necessary.  The bodies of these world eco-criminals
 should be commercially yielded for reintroduction in the
 world's natural systemic food and nutrient chains in 
 order to restore a more natural biological balance and
 order to our Sacred Earth ...."

          -- Jacques Cousteau
             Address to Earth Summit 1992
             included in U.N. Mandate / Agenda 21

"Earth worship is idolatry."

          -- Paul Mitchell
             Counselor at Law

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