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>Coming Attractions
>Sunday, November 30, 1997; Page C06
>The Washington Post 
>IF ATTORNEY General Janet Reno decides this week, as expected, not to
>seek an independent counsel to investigate the telephone calls the
>president and vice president made from their government offices to raise
>funds for last year's campaign, you can expect a blizzard of tinsel from
>both sides. The outlines of the unedifying arguments are already clear.
>The White House will say that the president and vice president have been
>cleared of any wrongdoing and that a year of suspicion and investigation
>is enough. Time to get on with the country's business, including, of
>course, passage of campaign finance reform, and anyone who refuses to do
>so is recycling a dead issue for partisan advantage.
>Republican and other critics, for their part, will say the inquiry was
>rigged; that Ms. Reno went in the tank for her boss; and that she was
>able to give him a clean bill of health, insofar as she did, only
>because the questions she asked -- such as which phones did they use in
>soliciting the funds -- were so narrow. Had she only broadened the
>inquiry, as she should have, she would have had no choice but to seek an
>independent counsel, and the matter would still be open. The other day,
>with only preliminary reports to go on, Sen. Arlen Specter, a member of
>the Judiciary Committee, was already writing to say that "it is
>disturbing to hear reports of such a limited focus, particularly when
>there is substantial evidence of wrongdoing that meets the . . .
>threshold in the independent counsel statute."
>But both sides in this argument are playing games. The White House says
>that if the threshold for naming an independent counsel isn't met, it
>will have been found clean. Clean is of course a relative term. Ms. Reno
>is in fact making a narrow and technical decision, as she should, and as
>most of her critics have urged be made in the application of this
>statute in the past. The decision has to do with criminality. It has
>nothing to do with the rest of what is at issue in this case -- the
>unseemliness of the money-grubbing in which the president and vice
>president engaged; the hypocrisy of the president's saying on alternate
>days and sometimes in alternate sentences in the same speech that he's
>proud of what he did even as he deplores the wreckage left behind; the
>continuing possibility that others involved in the fund-raising even if
>not the president or vice president did break laws; the continuing
>indications that at least some policy decisions were traded for campaign
>funds; and the contemptuous trashing at the highest level in both
>parties of what were already only the frailest of protections against
>the selling of the government. If that's a working definition of clean,
>you wonder what is dirty.
>As to the preachy Republicans, it is of course they who have spent the
>whole year trying simultaneously to pump up yet suppress the
>investigations of last year's fund-raising. They denounce the president
>for having taken part in a system of fund-raising that at the same time
>they seek to protect. They're after him, not it, and it's hard even for
>them to be sanctimonious in both directions at once. There's a bill up
>there, McCain-Feingold, that ought to be fixed in a couple of important
>respects, then passed. It wouldn't end the abuses, but it would limit
>them. The Republicans are determined to block it even as they deplore
>what, in its absence, the president was able to do. He, meanwhile, aware
>that they'll likely keep it from passing, embraces what amounts to a ban
>on his own past behavior. Each party gets the behavior of the other as
>an issue, and the law remains permissively the same. Is that a great
>prospective outcome, or what? 
>Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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