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>Communist Infiltration Deja Vu
>Exactly  half  a  century  ago,  another  scandal  of   Communist
>infiltration  of  the  U.S. government was unfolding. We would do
>well to study the course of that investigation because the events
>of this year so far to have followed the script written in 1947:
>(1) Republican Senator Joe McCarthy was one of the  few  who  did
>not accept the official finding of suicide of former Secretary of
>Defense James Forrestal.  "The Communists  hounded  Forrestal  to
>his  death,"  he  said. "They killed him just as definitely as if
>they had thrown him from that sixteenth-story window in  Bethesda
>Naval  Hospital."  McCarthy said that he was affected deeply when
>he  heard  of  the  Communist  celebration  when  they  heard  of
>Forrestal's murder.
>(2) In 1947, a Senate  Appropriations  subcommittee  addressed  a
>secret  memorandum to Secretary of State George Marshall, stating
>that "It is  evident  that  there  is  a  deliberate,  calculated
>program being carried out not only to protect communist personnel
>in high places but to reduce security and intelligence protection
>to a nullity."
>(3) In 1948,  former  State  Department  employee  and  Communist
>Whittaker  Chambers  publicly  exposed  State Department employee
>Alger Hiss as a Communist Spy. Chambers' claims were dismissed by
>the media.
>(4) In 1949, Senator McCarthy  received  a  100-page  FBI  report
>alleging extensive Communist penetration of the State Department.
>The FBI findings had fallen on deaf ears in  both  the  Roosevelt
>and Truman administrations.
>(5) When McCarthy convened hearings, he was attacked by Democrats
>who did their best to obstruct his efforts.
>(6) Eighty-three witnesses pled the Fifth Amendment  and  refused
>to  answer  questions  about communist or espionage activities on
>constitutional grounds.
>(7)  Even  though  McCarthy  produced  evidence  of  the   Soviet
>Communist  penetration  of  the U.S. government, the press killed
>the messenger.  He was viciously attacked by the New York  Times,
>the  Washington  Post,  Time,  Life,  and Edward R. Murrow of CBS
>(8)  McCarthy  was  smeared  with  fabricated  charges  of  using
>improper  means  in  seeking  preferential treatment for G. David
>Schine, a consultant to McCarthy's committee, prior to and  after
>Schine was drafted into the Army in November 1953.
>(9) In 1995, the National Security Agency declassified the Venona
>intelligence  intercepts  of the 1940s, showing KGB cable traffic
>referring to more than 200 Communist spies  or  contacts  in  the
>U.S. State Department.
>Revisionist history would later paint a picture of  Joe  McCarthy
>as  abusing  U.S.  Communist Party members in Hollywood, when his
>real target were Soviet spies infiltrating the State  Department.
>McCarthy's  vindication  by  the release of the Venona intercepts
>was ignored because it did not fit that revisionist image.
>But Joe McCarthy's investigation did have one effect.  After  his
>opponents  had succeeded in diverting attention from the evidence
>he had exposed and after the brouhaha had subsided, a few of  the
>Communist  agents  in  the  State Department were quietly let go.
>Some went to China, and some, like John Stewart Service,  started
>writing  for  the  New York Times, which, by the way, to this day
>refuses to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that Alger  Hiss
>was a Communist spy.
>On July 30, 1953,  the  Senate  Internal  Security  Subcommittee,
>chaired   by   Senator   William   Jenner,  released  its  report
>"Interlocking Subversion in Government  Departments."  Among  its
>  (*) The Soviet international organization has  carried  on  a
>  successful  and  important  penetration  of the United States
>  Government and this penetration has not been fully exposed.
>  (*) This penetration has extended from the lower ranks to top
>  level policy and operating positions in our government.
>  (*)  The  agents  of  this  penetration  have   operated   in
>  accordance  with  a distinct design fashioned by their Soviet
>  superiors.
>So what's the big deal? What harm could a few  hundred  Communist
>agents  in  the  U.S. government in the 1940s possibly have done?
>Condemned  hundreds  of  millions  of  people  to  a  life  under
>Communist horrors, that is what they did.
>Alger Hiss was a key aide in  the  1945  Yalta  Conference  where
>President  Roosevelt  condemned  millions of people in the Baltic
>states  and  in  Eastern  Europe  to  a  life   under   Communist
>dictatorship.  Britain's  Winston  Churchill, also present at the
>meeting, protested strenuously because  he  knew  the  fate  that
>would  await the poor souls. But he was ignored by Roosevelt, who
>considered Britain the enemy, and the Soviet Union the friend  of
>a "global New Deal" in a Soviet-American "democracy." Roosevelt's
>picture of "Uncle Joe" as the good guy and Winston  Churchill  as
>the  bad  guy  was  no  doubt influenced by the Communists on his
>staff. Roosevelt must have known that his staff  was  in  reality
>working  for  Joe  Stalin.  He had been shown evidence that Alger
>Hiss was a Soviet spy already in 1939. Alger Hiss later that year
>presided  as  the United Nations's first Secretary General at the
>San Francisco Conference in April 1945.
>Many historians also hold the Communists in the State  Department
>responsible  for  letting China fall into the hands of Communists
>in the late 1940s.  Among those who said so at  the  time  was  a
>young  Congressman from Massachusetts who lamented that, "This is
>the tragic story  of  China  whose  freedom  we  once  fought  to
>preserve.  What  our  young  men had saved, our diplomats and our
>President have frittered away."  That  congressman  was  John  F.
>Communism in China has claimed  the  lives  of  an  estimated  35
>million  people.   It  is  a  testament to the power of Communist
>propaganda, then, that it is Joe McCarthy who has  been  cast  as
>the villain.
>(1) Congressman Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, was one of
>the  first to doubt the official finding of suicide in Fort Marcy
>Park of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster.
>(2) In 1996, author Gary Aldrich warned that the  security  check
>system in the Clinton White House was being dismantled.
>(3) When William Safire in 1996 exposed John Huang as a suspected
>Chinese agent, his charges were dismissed by the media.
>(4) In 1997, FBI leaked information to Bob Woodward that  it  had
>known  for  six  years that the Democrat party was infiltrated by
>Chinese agents.
>(5) Ever since  Burton  announced  that  he  was  going  to  hold
>hearings   into   Communist   China   infiltration  of  the  U.S.
>government, he has been  viciously  attacked  by  the  Washington
>Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, and Dan Rather of
>CBS  News.  A  smear  fabricated  by  a  Democrat  activist   was
>propagated by the Washington Post.
>(6) Thirty-Six witnesses have pled the  Fifth  Amendment  to  his
>Committee,  eleven have fled the country, and another eleven were
>already living abroad and decline to testify.
>(7) Democrats on the Burton Committee have attempted to  obstruct
>and discredit the hearings.
>Perhaps Dan Burton knows that a  fate  similar  to  that  of  Joe
>McCarthy  awaits  him:  his life and career will be destroyed, he
>will be hounded until the day he dies.  And  revisionist  history
>will paint him as the villain, not the hero which is his rightful
>If Communist infiltration of the State Department  in  the  1940s
>facilitated  Communist  expansion  into Eastern Europe and China,
>then what are the stakes today? The  most  immediate  concern  is
>democracy  in  Taiwan. Red China desperately wants to submit this
>"renegade province" that has the  audacity  to  call  itself  the
>Republic of China.  That would condemn millions of free people to
>enslavement, deportation, and  bloody  slaughter  of  dissidents.
>Military  exercises  and  military buildup in the PRC is in large
>part targeted at a military annexation of Taiwan. Where will  the
>Clinton administration be when the conflict comes? It has refused
>to give a clear answer.  So absent has the Clinton administration
>been  on the issue, that House Speaker Newt Gingrich earlier this
>year during a visit to  China  felt  compelled  to  tell  Chinese
>officials  directly  that  the  United States would defend Taiwan
>from mainland attack.  But he is not the Commander in Chief.
>  Published in the Dec.  1, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
>          Reposting permitted with this message intact

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