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Subject: SLS: Two Clinton Aides Linked To Assassination (fwd)

> Dixie Mafia Queen In Charge of Drug Testing at White House
>Among  the  many  new  details  to  emerge  from  Ambrose  Evans-
>Pritchard's  book  "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton," are sources
>linking a Clinton aide to a Mob-style assassination, and a  White
>House  aide to several assassination attempts. Both Clinton aides
>appear to have been working on behalf of the Dixie Mafia.
>"I believe that Bill Clinton had my father killed to protect  his
>political  career," says Gary Parks, son of the late Jerry Parks,
>a Clinton campaign security  contractor  who  worked  with  Vince
>Foster and was assassinated in 1993, three months after the death
>of  Vince  Foster.   In  collaboration  with  Foster,  Parks  had
>gathered  a  file  on  Clinton  from numerous surveillance tasks.
>Park's widow Jane also tells of his transporting of trunkloads of
>cash from Mena airport on behalf of Vince Foster.
>A top official in the Arkansas State  Police  told  her  outright
>that  "the murder was a conspiracy hatched in Hot Springs by five
>men who moved in the social circle of Buddy Young."
>Buddy Young was chief of Clinton's security detail and known as a
>fixer.   He  would  later  become famous for expressing "concern"
>about the health of other Troopers who considered talking to  the
>press  after  Clinton  became  President.  Young  is now regional
>director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
>It goes without saying that nobody has ever been convicted of the
>murder  of  Jerry Parks. But his file on Bill Clinton was removed
>from his house by government officials shortly after his death.
>The  same  Dixie  Mafia  circles  seemed  to  be  behind  several
>assassination  attempts  on Dennis Patrick, who got ensnared into
>the money laundering  transactions  of  Dan  Lasater,  a  cocaine
>distributor  for  the  Dixie  Mafia  since  the  1970s.   Lasater
>laundered millions of dollars through an account in the  name  of
>Dennis  Patrick.  When  Patrick  got  cold  feet  and wanted out,
>assassins were sent after him. Patrick was prepared, and survived
>several attempts.
>A contact at the Lasater &  Company  firm,  Linda  Nesheim,  told
>Patrick  who  was  behind the assassination attempts: "Linda kept
>talking about Patsy Thomasson," he recalls.  "She  told  me  that
>Patsy  was  the one in charge, that she was the one who could put
>an end to my whole nightmare."
>Indeed, it was Dixie Mafia  Queen  Patsy  Thomasson  who  was  in
>charge  of  Lasater's  money  laundering  and  drug  distribution
>operation when he was in jail for cocaine distribution.
>It comes as no surprise then, that when Thomasson  was  appointed
>Director  of  the White House Office of Administration, in charge
>of personnel, computers, security and drug testing, it took  more
>than  a  year  before  the  Secret  Service agreed to grant her a
>security clearance. She briefly entered the spotlight when it was
>revealed  that  a large number of people on the White House staff
>were unable to pass drug tests, but were allowed to  continue  to
>serve  the  President.  It  was  also  Patsy Thomasson who rifled
>through Foster's drawers the night of his death. What  could  she
>have been looking for?
>  Published in the Dec.  1, 1997 issue of The Washington Weekly
>  Copyright 1997 The Washington Weekly (http://www.federal.com)
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