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>                         From the Desk of Rich Martin
>       1724 Las Vegas Trail #258                             817 246-7544
>       Fort Worth, TX 76108                            RichSlick@aol.com
>         Now coming to you from 35 miles north of the Waco Massacre
>       __________________________________________________ 
>                                        Happy JFK Memorial Day, 1997
>           My copy of Waco The Rules of Engagement just arrived. 
>       The Boston Massacre, Kent State and Mai Lei pale in 
>       comparison. It's a 136-minute horror story of  the murder 
>       of nearly 100 U.S. citizens. It's got to be the darkest hour 
>       for this nation since the Civil War. 
>           Waco is at the Southern tip of the Dallas/Fort Worth 
>       metroplex, so we followed it as a local story at the time. 
>       I learned a few things for the first time and they missed a 
>       few things I thought were important, such as, they made no 
>       mention of the former Davidian Leader's press conference 
>       held at an Institution for the Criminally Insane, where he 
>       was being held for murder. (He later escaped and was caught 
>       2,000 miles away, in NY.) No mention of the anti-cult group 
>       that made the original allegations. No mention of why the 
>       BATF chose Sunday for their foray, when everyone in the 
>       Congregation was present, including children. (Shouldn't 
>       they have picked the time when Koresh was surrounded by the
>       fewest number of followers?) No mention that David Koresh 
>       drove into Waco several times a week, or that the original 
>       search warrant wasn't valid, and had to be re-written after 
>       the fact. No mention of FEMA's role coming in to cut off 
>       Davidian cell-phone contact with the outside, or the many 
>       bugs they must have put in place to monitor the resisters. 
>       No mention of the underground tunnels and bus that the govt 
>       used to infer Davidian evil, and where they pretended they 
>       would find the "children" after the holocaust. No mention of 
>       the M-1 Abrams nuclear tank they brought in to counter the 
>       alledged .50 caliber machine gun they claimed the Davidians 
>       had. No mention of the govt's false allegation that their 
>       "bunker" was a kiln used by drug manufacturers, which gave 
>       them the power under the Drug King-pin laws to legally take 
>       possession of everything the Davidians owned without going 
>       thru due process, guaranteed to each of us in the U.S. 
>       Constitution. No mention the g-men called the burn unit at a 
>       Dallas hospital at 6AM on the day of the inferno. No mention 
>       that the govt counted the dead as adults if they were 14 
>       years old, because in the eyes of the Davidian religion, 
>       they were adults. No mention of what the govt did with the 
>       children that were surrendered, and who is raising them now. 
>       No mention that they incarcerated the survivors for 40 
>       years. No mention they are being tortured to this day in 
>       Leavenworth. But other than that, it was a pretty good film. 
>           That may sound flip, but I don't mean it that way. I 
>       learned a lot. For instance, I didn't know there was proof 
>       that the govt set up a crossfire to cut-down any Davidians 
>       trying to flee the flames from the backside of the church. 
>       Altho I wasn't crying in disbelief, like I did when I saw it "live", 
>       I did hear myself referring to them as "S.O.B.'s" just as I did 
>       on April 19, 1993.  I've been ashamed to be an American since 
>       that day. My vision of my govt, the one I served in the U.S. 
>       Navy, the one I believed in, was forever destroyed that day. 
>       If the govt is not willing to be bound by the Constitution, 
>       they are an illegitimate govt. No wonder the govt 
>       prosecutors in Denver believe that the govt actions in Waco 
>       led to the tragedy of even more American deaths at OKC! 
>           I believe it is only a matter of time until the people of this
>       great country demand justice just like they did in Concord 
>       200 years ago, at Fort Sumpter 100 years ago, and at Kent 
>       State 30 years ago. This is not Europe or Asia. We're not a 
>       Banana Republic. We too will overcome this tyranny. We're 
>       the greatest nation on earth, not because of our govt, but 
>       in spite of it!
>End of Part I
>Part II available on request
>Richard J. Martin
>817/246-7544 (home)
>214/330-7771 (work)
>1724 S LasVegas Trail #258
>Fort Worth, TX 76108

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