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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: My work

Hi Fernie,

Thanks so much for these great ideas.
We will implement them, just as soon
as we can.

We have loaded only 8 out of total of
30 cases into the Supreme Law Library,
and more are coming all the time.

Thanks again, and may the Most High
bless you in all ways, in every way,
forever and a day!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

copy:  SLS

At 01:44 PM 11/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Howdy Paul, Fernie here, I've been following what your up to as best as I
>can, but regardless, I've got a file of just your actions, so I can find the
>time to read all of it and get a better idea of your sturggle.  But from
>what I've read of your posts over the last year, your really a fighter.  You
>produce facts, not fiction, you cover your tracks well, and I don't recall
>ever reading a post where you blew up as someone or something posted.  Great
> I'm sorry to hear your getting shafted by the lawyer, but then what else is
>new with lawyers?  One thing we've done up here in our county is run an add
>in the local communist paper asking for people that had cases with a certain
>lawyer.  Then after talking to each person, and there were several who
>responded, the word got out on what a rip-off he was.  Well, needless to
>say, we started a letter campaign to letters to the editor about some of the
>"legal" practices this lawyer had preformed and soon, even more people got
>involved.  The man is no longer in this county, and you can bet that all the
>other lawyers in this county know what we did, and how we exposed this
>crook.  When we mention that we're a member of Clallam Citizens Coalition,
>or CCC, upon seeing a lawyer about a legal matter, they become VERY helpful
>now.  It took over a year to do all this, for lots of folks just didn't want
>to get involved, but after a few months of letter writing, some joined in
>without help, also a personal call to them after a letter was printed,
>helped as well to get them involved, for they didn't feel so "naked" doing
>something of the sort and not knowing the reprecussions.  This wasn't my
>personal issue to lead, but a good patriot member and friend of mine, he's
>thinking of running for commissioner of the county now.  Anyway, see what
>you can do with a few short lines in a local communist paper, the local chat
>servers etc... you might be suprised at what comes about.
>Release John Pitner, Shirley Allen

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