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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: FBI Bombed Murrah Building (OKC) to Ensure Funding of US
  Spy Agencies (fwd)

>The following story was printed in the Washington Times on November 24,
>1997.  I have a comment at the end.  Please read:
>Washington Times, November 24, 1997, page A16
>Did you know that 475 members of the victim families of the Oklahoma City
>bombing have filed lawsuits this year against the federal government? The
>first lawsuit, joined by 170 family members and filed in federal court
>last April, charges that the federal government "knew or should have
>known" that the Murrah Building was the target of a bomb attack. Five
>families followed in a second lawsuit. The third lawsuit, with more than
>300 family members, was filed in state court. It charges that the
>government possessed "detailed prior knowledge of the planned bombing of
>the Murrah Building yet failed to prevent the bombing from taking place."
>This lawsuit charges the government with conducting a failed "sting
>Think about this a minute. However closely you might have followed the
>trial of Timothy McVeigh or the current trial of Terry Nichols, it is not
>as closely as families who suffered deaths and injuries. Why aren't these
>family members grateful to the Justice Department for McVeigh's
>conviction and for the trial of Nichols? Have they fallen victim in mass
>to a conspiracy theory? Are they simply greedy and hoping to profit with
>monetary damages for deaths and injuries?
>Apparently not. The victim families believe they are staring a
>transparent federal cover-up in the face. The Justice Department and the
>FBI have been caught in too many lies, and too many credible witnesses
>place McVeigh at the bomb scene in the presence of other men who have
>been identified but not questioned. Then there is Alcohol, Tobacco and
>Firearms undercover agent Carol Howe, who infiltrated the extremist
>compound at Elohim City. Yes, she gave the warning. ATF was preparing to
>swoop in and make arrests but apparently was stopped by the FBI.
>Did you know that during McVeigh's trial, the prosecution did not call a
>single witness who could place McVeigh in Oklahoma City on the morning of
>the bombing? The government had numerous witnesses who could provide this
>critical information to the jury but refused to let them testify. The
>government's problem with the witnesses was that under cross-examination,
>they would establish more than the government wanted established. The
>government insisted that McVeigh acted alone, but all the witnesses saw
>him accompanied by others.
>It wasn't that the government was skimping on witnesses. The feds called
>27 telephone company employees to testify that McVeigh had used a
>pre-paid telephone card bought under an alias, hardly a significant fact
>compared to eye-witness accounts of McVeigh's presence at the crime
>Carol Howe was not permitted to testify at McVeigh's trial. The Justice
>Department insisted that the government had no prior warning of any kind.
>This made it necessary for the federal government to deep-six its own
>undercover agent, which the government tried to do by putting her on
>trial for making bombs. It didn't work. The jury saw it for what it was
>-- a retaliatory, manufactured case to silence and discredit the most
>important witness. She was acquitted on all charges last August.
>The men who witnesses place with McVeigh on the morning of the bombing
>are the men who Carol Howe was spying on in Elohim City. Evidence
>presented in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's just released book, "The Secret
>Life of Bill Clinton," suggests that these men, whose identities and
>whereabouts are known, may have been provocateurs working for the FBI.
>The critical testimony and evidence that was suppressed by the Justice
>Department at the McVeigh trial will be heard by the jury in the lawsuit
>under Oklahoma state jurisdiction. Thus, the Justice Department might not
>be able to orchestrate the outcomes of the victims' families' lawsuits.
>But don't expect to be kept abreast of the story by the mainstream media.
>The Carol Howe story was slated to air on ABC-TV on Feb. 5 of this year.
>It was pulled at the last moment. The producer accused ABC's top brass of
>caving in to political pressure. He said his bosses argued that the story
>would bring down the country and lead to the abolition of the ATF, the
>result being machine guns on every corner. When confronted with the
>liberals' nightmare, news reporting lost.
> Commente by J. Orlin Grabbe now follow:
>COMMENT ABOUT ARTICLE:	The only thing that I take issue with is author
>Paul Craig Roberts use of the phrase FAILED STING OPERATION in his
>description of a law suit.  He wrote, "This lawsuit charges the
>government with conducting a failed sting operation."  To my knowledge,
>none of the lawsuits indicated there was a failed sting operation. 
>References to a sting operation were made, but to my knowledge, the
>phrase FAILED STING OPERATION was not used in any of the suits.  The
>phrase, failed sting operation, is either an honest error on the authors
>part or a deceptive propaganda ploy to put a positive spin on a more
>sinister story.
>A failed sting operation implies that the FBI had good intentions but
>made a mistake.  Another possibility is that the a sting operation was in
>fact conducted, but its purpose was to encourage known terrorists to blow
>up the A.P. Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people.  Twisted as it
>may sound, a terrorist attack of this magnitude would prove to be
>extremely beneficial to the FBI, the BATF, the CIA, and the entire US
>intelligence apparatus.
>I have in my possession a copy of one of the law suits to which Mr.
>Roberts refers.  It was filed in the United States District Court for the
>Western District of Oklahoma, on May 20, 1997, Docket # CIV-97-829A.  It
>makes reference to a sting operation -- not a failed sting operation --
>on two pages.
>On page 5, article 11, it reads,  "BATF employees who participated in
>the A.P. Murrah Federal Building bombing sting operation, Does 4 through
>50; FBI employees who participated in the A.P. Murrah Federal Building
>bombing sting operation, Does 51 through 100"
>The exact same statement is made on page 7, article 17.  It merely
>identifies the parties being sued.  These are the only references to a
>sting operation it makes.  Again, it does not say there was a FAILED
>STING OPERATION.  Those are author Paul Craig Roberts words.  Those are
>also Ambrose Evans-Prichards words in his new book, "The Secret Life of
>Bill Clinton."	The words FAILED STING OPERATION are used, in my opinion,
>to steer readers away from an obvious possibility, that the FBI
>intentionally allowed the A.P. Murrah Building to be blown up in order to
>get counter-terrorism legislation passed in Congress.  This would ensure
>that their funding would not be cut back, along with the CIAs funding,
>not to mention the funding of the entire US intelligence apparatus.
>In 1947 Congress passed The National Security Act which created the CIA
>and established the modern intelligence apparatus with the sole purpose
>of fighting the worldwide spread of Communism.	With the collapse of the
>Soviet Union, these spy agencies lacked a purpose.  In April 1995 when
>the bombing occurred, the Republicans had just taken over Congress with
>sweeping victories over incumbent Democrats in the previous November
>elections.  The Republicans had pledged to cut spending to balance the
>budget and remove the national debt.  Penny pensioning Republicans could
>no longer be counted on to keep paying 30 billion dollars a year to
>agencies without a clear purpose.  The bombing of the A.P. Murrah
>Building helped give these spy agencies a new purpose, to defend US
>national security against the threat of terrorism.
>Paul Craig Roberts has an excellent article with the exception of that
>one important factual error.  The law suits do not allege that there was
>a FAILED sting operation, only a sting operation.  If anyone can provide
>a law suit that indicates otherwise, I will humbly retract my criticism
>of Mr. Roberts article.

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