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Subject: SLS: FBI Bombed Murrah Building (OKC) to Ensure Funding of US
  Spy Agencies (fwd)

>   However, it can *not* snap rebars across an even break, 
>   which is what occured at the Murrah building.
>   You know this how?
>   Because *credible* demolitions experts say so.
>   Such as Brig. Gen. (ret) Benjamin Partin.
>   In fact, I challange you to show any evidence in which *any* ANFO
>explosion *anywhere* has *ever* snapped a concrete column and severed the
>rebars inside along the same break as the concrete.
>   ANFO is a low-order "heaving" explosive. If a detonation is powerful
>enough to shove over the support columns of a building, concrete will
>crumble along a break in the column and the rebars will bend like
>spaghetti (similar to the damage scene in collapsed highway structures
>after earthquakes). It is possible rebar will shred in an extremely
>powerful blast, but only as it is torn bar-by-bar as column sections are
>carried apart by the blast. Nevertheless, there will be no clean breaks.
>   Clean breaks across the rebar in the columns require supplimentary
>demolition charges on the columns themselves. (Which is why the bombs
>squad was there in minute removed "unexploded bombs" and tarps were
>hurriedly thrown over the column stumps - but not before pictures were

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