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>RNC News Release
>December 2, 1997
>"Justice is blind, but prosecutors and investigators 
>shouldn't be."
>WASHINGTON -- Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today 
>called for Janet Reno to resign as Attorney General following her 
>decision not to seek an Independent Counsel to investigate illegal 
>fund-raising activities by President Clinton, Vice President Gore and 
>former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary.
>     "It is sad to watch Janet Reno shred her last remaining bit of 
>credibility by deliberately closing her eyes to compelling evidence of 
>criminal wrongdoing, even in the face of strong opposition from FBI 
>Director Louis Freeh.
>     "This investigation has been botched from the start.  It has been 
>too narrow in scope, it relied on media accounts for leads and it 
>substituted newspaper-clipping services for solid investigative 
>     "Justice is blind, but prosecutors and investigators shouldn't be.  
>Instead of acting as our Attorney General, Janet Reno has become Attorney
>for the Defense.
>     "The fact that the nation's top two law enforcement officers - the 
>Attorney General and the Director of the FBI - are in such visible 
>conflict should in and of itself compel the appointment of an independent
>counsel.  In my opinion, the only honorable course now is for Janet Reno 
>to resign." 
>(Visit http://www.rnc.org for the latest news and information)

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