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Subject: SLF: child kidnaps & theft of Children's Trust Funds (fwd)

Dear Friend,

Thank you for this amazing update.

Yes, I would like you to forward
the names to me, asap.  

Our Post Office location is at the 
very end of this message.  

Keep up the good work yourself!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

>Dear Mr. Mitchell:
>   I think I mentioned, in a previous communique, that Mickey Kantor and
>Vince Foster flew to Switzerland to seize $70 billion from Ameritrust,
>and that $70 billion was placed into the Children's Defense Fund.  Texas
>has a Children's Trust Fund. I accused a Democrat and a Republican of
>stealing from it in Texas and, doggone! they BOTH resigned -- "for family
>reasons."  If you would like their names, I would be glad to forward them
>to you.
>   I tried to convert the attached to plain text.  Send me a fax number,
>if you want me to fax a copy to you.
>   I would be willing to contribute $25 to a fund for your expenses
>regarding legal action on the Denver children's situation.  I feel 
>many other Americans would be willing to do the same.
>   Back to the Children's Trust Fund of Texas a minute. I think it is
>$17 every marriage license goes into it.  A slush fund politicians to
>steal from.  There is also a National Children's Trust Fund, with
>incorporation papers -- address, a furniture store in Detroit, that never
>heard of the shady Directors.  Another politician's slush fund.  Check to
>see if you can "seize" some of the Children's Slush Fund in Arizona, as
>this situation is legitimately a national emergency ....  Maybe you can
>scratch your head and come up with some ideas in this regard?  These
>Children's Trust Funds are literally millions and millions of dollars
>hidden from the general public, in addition to the $40 million increase
>Child Protective Services received in Arizona!
>                         Texas Sponsors
>                     Concentration Camps for
>             Allegedly Abused and Neglected Children
>                           Page 1 of 3
>   During the Sunset Advisory Hearings on June 19-20, 1996 in
>Austin, Texas the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory
>Services (PRS) testified to licensing and funding 9 therapeutic
>foster care facilities which house nearly 400 allegedly abused and
>neglected children in TENTS at an average cost of $25,000 per year
>per child.  Further testimony revealed one of the PRS Board of
>Directors is associated with one of the facilities.
>   The two days of testimony were audio recorded by the Sunset
>Advisory Commission and copies may be purchased by contacting them
>at 512-463-1300.  The cost is $1.00 per tape plus postage, and there
>are a total of 13 tapes.  Alarming facts about retaliation, abuse,
>fraud and corruption by PRS are exposed on the tapes.  The
>following is a portion of the testimony contained on Tape 4, Side
>"A," discussing the state-sanctioned concentration camps.
>Senator Madla -  These are abused and neglected children in the
>tents.  Am I correct?
>Executive Director Hines - Yes
>Senator Madla -  What is the temperature in these tents - say in
>the middle of July here in Texas?
>Executive Director Hines - On days like today, pretty warm.
>Senator Madla  - It would seem to me that would constitute abuse in
>itself  - having children in facilities like that.
>Chairman Black - Question on the right.
>Representative Telford - Senator Madla, I think you and I are sort
>of questioning the same thing.  How many kids are in these tents? 
>I don't mind tents.  I don't mind tents for fun, but I can't
>imagine we are considering licensing army tents for child care
>facilities.  How many kids?
>Executive Director Hines - I am told 9 facilities,  400 children
>Representative Telford - And we are paying these facilities $15,000
>- $25,000 a year for this?
>Executive Director Hines - I am told that is right.
>Chairman Black - Any more questions?
>Representative Telford - My God all mighty, I am sorry.  I am from
>Dekalb and I got better damn judgment than that.  I am not too
>sympathetic to the folks that say not in my backyard.  I am very
>sympathetic to kids - trying to get them out of one hell hole. Ok? 
>That may have a buzz fan or may have a 110 volt air conditioner in
>one room and putting those poor things in a tent!  And we have the
>gall to pay these gentlemen $25,000 dollars a year.  I will shut up
>or I will (Representative Telford slapped his microphone to the
>side and left the meeting room for several minutes).
>Jon Bradley - Senator, excuse me.  My name is Jon Bradley.  I am a
>PRS Board Member and I am member of the Salesmanship Club of
>Dallas.  We have been running a tent camp facility for almost forty
>years in Hawkins Texas.  It is the model tent camp facility in the
>United States of America.       
><End of Transcription>
>   Pursuant to my Open Records Request, Mr. T. Douglas Sanders,
>Director of Licensing for the Texas Department of Protective and
>Regulatory Services, provided me the following names, addresses, and
>other information concerning the nine (9) "tent city" foster care
>facilities being funded by the State of Texas.  
>Salesmanship Club Youth Camp
>Rt. 1, Box 305
>Hawkins, Texas 75765
>Kent Skipper, Exec. Dir.
>Region 4 - Wood County
>Ages Served 10-17
>Date of License: 11/28/85
>Capacity 96
>Bob Lanier Wilderness Program
>P.O. Drawer 128
>Apple Springs, Texas 75926
>Kathy Doherty
>Region 5 - Trinity County
>Ages Serviced 00-17
>Date of License 12/28/85
>Capacity 50
>Hope Center Youth Elizabeth G. Lan
>P.O. Box 760
>Groveton, Texas 75845
>Patrice O'Donoghue-Eastland
>Region 5 - Trinity County
>Ages Served 00-17
>Date of License 03/16/87
>Capacity 55
>Camp Darden Hill Ranch TC
>P.O. Box 40
>Driftwood, Texas 78619
>Charles Campise
>Region 7 - Hays County
>Ages Served 07-17
>Date of License 11/26/90
>Capacity 13
>Camp Pegasus
>P.O. Box 547
>Lockhart, Texas 78644
>Don Frizell
>Region 7 - Caldwell County
>Ages Served 09-17
>Date of License 01/07/94
>Capacity 36
>Woodside Trails Wilderness Exp
>P.O. Box 999
>Smithville, Texas 78957
>Bebe Gaines
>Region 7 - Bastrop County
>Ages Served 07-17
>Date of License 03/19/87
>Capacity 24
>3 H Therapeutic Camp for Boys
>P.O. Box 239
>Mountain Home, Texas 78058
>Monte Osburn
>Region 8 - Kerr County
>Ages Served 07-17
>Date of License 12/08/92
>Capacity 24
>Bo Person Ranch
>Box 5160
>Uvalde, Texas 78802
>Robert Nolan
>Region 8 - Uvalde County
>Ages Served 12-17
>Date of License 05/02/96
>Capacity 90
>Turning Point Therapeutic Camp
>Lampasse County
>Owner: Board of Cedar Ridge Residential Therapeutic Center
>licensing in progress
>Capacity 12  

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