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>Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 14:56:49 -0700
>by Jeff Head (jeffh@nebonet.com)
>I just got back from a road trip to Alabama.  
>On the way down I decided to go through New Mexico and visit 
>Alamagorda as I had heard that a USAF Base there had been given 
>to the Germans.
>While there, after seeing the base, I was speaking to a USAF NCO 
>in a convienence store.  He was on his way to work and getting some 
>coffee.  After discussing the German Air Base, and his misgivings, I 
>asked him if US servicemen were speaking out.  He said any one who 
>did was drummed out of the service and he couldn't afford that risk 
>because he was retiring in two years.  
>He said that he had been a recruiter in Helena Montana up until the 
>year before and that UN forces regularly trained in the mountains near 
>there.  He said there is a large wharehouses full of UN Armor outside 
>of Billing Montana, under guard.  He said he thought it was too late 
>to do anything about it all.
>This, when coupled with all else that is happening, adds up to ominous 
>news.  We continue to hear reports of this type of thing from all over.  
>I have seen the German air base and Russian BMP's on railcars and 
>flatbeds in Montana. The story about the Communist Chinese base 
>was on the news last week.  A blind man can add up the indications.  
>Equipment is being pre-positioned in this nation for some reason, I 
>can only think of one.  They plan to use it.
>Please pass this information on to as many as possible ASAP.
>God Bless,
>Jeff Head
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