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To: "David E. Parsons" <spiker@amnix.com>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Plane load of children at DIA etc.

Thanks for this update, David.

Our efforts to raise consciousness
have, inevitably, resulted in a
predictable amount of character
assassination against me.  Aside
from the occasional kindness and
recognition we get from honest
and concerned people like you,
the frequent insults and abuse 
we are getting have been predicted 
for us by the Holy Bible, as sure 
signs that we are on the right track.

So, take heart.  


And, please keep me posted, and 
don't assume that I learn everything
when you learn it.  Now that we are
turning on some hot spotlights, 
they will also have their "planned"
response to our efforts;  on that,
you can also be sure!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 07:59 PM 12/4/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Mr. Mitchell;
>The web site for "NCMEC" also comes up when you go to: 
>The one in your message was:
>The web page used to say that over 80 children featured on the web site had
>been found, Now it doesn't mention that any more.
>I'm sending you the very first report that I got about the plane load of
>children at DIA.
>I am in contact with a SPIKE team member here in the Denver area who has
>the pilot's name and the name of the maintenance man who first leaked the
>Have you read John DeCamp's book "The Franklin Coverup"? 
>There is a hugh amount of child kidnapping going on in this country, in
>order to satisfy the perverted desires of corrupt polititians and
>government big shots around the world.
>From: ranger@azwest.net
>To: eagleflt@thumb.net
>Subject: The children in Denver.
>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 07:42:09 -0700
>Our report tells us for those of you that haven't heard that over 120
>children were seen on a plane at Denver International Airport on Sat. Nov.
>15, 1997. One gentleman was performing maintenance or something on a plane
>at the airport, saw that their were over 120 children on the flight. When
>he questioned a woman that was on the flight with the children, she
>replied, "Social Services, now get out of here" as she flashed a badge.
>Immediately this gentleman, who obviously smelled a rat, started following
>up on the flight plan/records. The flight was headed for Paris. 
>Could this flight have originated in Las Vegas where the children are
>bought and sold and have been for some time and were they headed for the
>mid-east to be used as sex slaves as so many before them? Channel 9 news in
>Denver has been notified. Let's see what they are made of. Also this story
>was initially released at a benefit for Jack McLamb, Ted Gunderson was also
>there. Those of you knowing these guys may want to give a call to see what,
>if anything they were told regarding the children.
>You could also put pressure to Channel 9 news in Denver.
>Please forward any mail to me "D" <CEdson4836@aol.com> or
>ranger@azwest.net    http://azwest.net/user/slim
>Message from Paul Mitchell
>This is a private All Points Bulletin ("APB") warning you of possible
>deception being perpetrated by the National Center for Missing and
>Exploited Children ("NCMEC"), with a website at URL:
>       http://www.missingkids.com
>We are now pursuing our investigation into allegations that this group is
>now operated by the Department of Justice [sic] in Washington,  District of
>Columbia, Janet Reno "presiding."

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