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>Dear Fellow Americans;
>How would you like to be able to vote for a Governor with a platform like
>If you would like to have a brochure for yourself, just call toll-free
>If you would like to purchase a copy of Aaron Russos's video entitled "Mad
As Hell" for $20.00 call Pastor Rick Strawcutter toll-free at 
>The video has outstanding testimony from Aaron Russo and other speakers
wherein they detail the terrible loss of personal freedom in America.
>            Aaron Russo FOR Governor
>"I pledge to uphold
>the Sovereign Rights of Nevada
>and the Sovereign Rights of its citizens."
>Register Republican for the Primary
>PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY is a necessity because new Federal Law mandates
pre-wired "tapping" of every telephone in the U.S. by Oct.28, 1998 (Public
Law #:103-414). Also, new Federal I.D. Cards (imposed via bar-coded Drivers
Licenses with Social Security Numbers and fingerprints) will allow the
Government and others to access our personal, medical, and business records
without our knowledge! I will not permit this in Nevada!
>NO MORE TAXING TIPS and I will go to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop this
because gifts are not taxable unless over $10,000.
>DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES should be non profit. We will slash the cost
of registering all motor vehicles.
>VIOLENT CRIMINALS will spend their full sentence in jail. No more
bargaining. No more parole!
>EDUCATION in Nevada schools will be controlled by parents in local
communities. Our children's records will not be supplied to Government
>ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is your choice and no one else's. It is your right to
choose your medicine, whether conventional or holistic.
>NUCLEAR CONTAMINATION will not be dumped in Nevada without citizen
approval. This is not a decision for Washington's polititians
>FREEDOM FROM REGULATION for Nevada business owners and citizens.
>We will put a stop to this waste of our time and money.
>    Wisdom to Listen                 Courage to Lead
>"Congress cannot compel the States to enact or enforce any Federal
Regulatory Program... it matters not whether policy making is involved, and
no case-by-case weighing of the burdens or benefits is necessary; such
commands are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of
Dual Sovereignty."
>U.S. Supreme Court, June 27th, 1997
>Aaron Russo has produced many feature films including "Trading Places"
starring Eddie Murphy and "The Rose" starring Bette Midler. His films
received six Academy Award nominations. He won an emmy for a television
show starring Dustin Hoffman. He has shown his administrative skills by
never going over budget on any production. He is fiscally very conservative.
>Today he has turned his talents to run for governor to stop the federal
governments encroachment on the liberties and rights of individual
Americans. Aaron Russo is a man who fights for what he believes and he
believes passionately in less taxes, less government and the 10th amendment.
>He has two sons ages 15 and 12 named Max and Sam whose freedom he wants to
>  CUT  HERE                                            CUT HERE
>"I have committed my pledge to you.
>Please make your pledge to me."
>Enclosed is my monetary contribution in the amount of $____________
   (Maximum $5000 per person)
>I wish to contribute my time as a volunteer. 
>Phone: (Days)____________(Evening)_______________Fax:____________
>Mail form to: Aaron Russo for Governor, P.O. Box 27740,
>Las Vegas,NV 89126
>Or visit Russo Headquarters, 4921 Wilbur Road, Las Vegas, Nevada
>(corner of Tropicana across from Thomas & Mack Center)
>       7877
>   870-RUSSO
>                    78776
>(Toll Free) (888-98-RUSSO

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