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Subject: SLS: The Final Visions of Dannion Brinkley (fwd)

>>At the very end came a 13th vision. I don't know where it came from. I
>>didn't see a Being of Light
>>bring it forward in a box, nor did I see one take it away. This vision
>>was in many ways the most
>>important of all because it summed up everything I had seen in the 12
>>boxes. Through telepathy, I
>>could hear a Being say, "If you follow what you have been taught & keep
>>living the same way you
>>have lived the last 30 years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you
>>change, you can avoid the
>>coming war." Scenes from a horrible world war accompanied this message.
>>As the visions
>>appeared on the screen, the Being told me that the years 1994 through
>>1996 were critical ones in
>>determining whether this war would break out. "If you follow this dogma,
>>the world by the year
>>2004 will not be the same one you now know," said the Being. "But it can
>>still be changed & you
>>can help change it." 
>>Scenes from World War III came to life before me. I was in a hundred
>>places at once, from deserts
>>to forests, & saw a world filled with fighting & chaos. Somehow it was
>>clear that this final war, an
>>Armageddon if you will, was caused by fear. In one of the most puzzling
>>visions of all, I saw an
>>army of women in black robes & veils marching through a European city.
>>"The fear these people
>>are feeling is an unnecessary one," said the Being of Light. "But it is a
>>fear so great that humans will
>>give up all freedoms in the name of safety." 
>>I also saw scenes that were not of war, including many visions of natural
>>disasters. In parts of the
>>world that had once been fertile with wheat & corn, I saw parched desert
>>& furrowed fields that
>>farmers had given up on. In other parts of the world, torrential
>>rainstorms had gouged out the earth
>>eating away topsoil & creating rivers of thick, dark mud. 
>>People were starving in this vision. They were begging for food on the
>>streets, holding out bowls &
>>cups & even their hands in hopes that someone or something would offer
>>them a scrap to eat. In
>>some of the pictures, people had given up or were too weak to beg & were
>>curled on the ground
>>waiting for the gift of death. I saw civil wars breaking out in Central &
>>South America & the rise of
>>socialist governments in all of these countries before the year 2000. As
>>these wars intensified,
>>millions of refugees streamed across the U.S. border, looking for a new
>>life in North America.
>>Nothing we did could stop these immigrants. They were driven by fear of
>>death & loss of
>>confidence in God. 
>>I saw millions of people streaming north out of El Salvador & Nicaragua,
>>& more millions crossing
>>the Rio Grande into Texas. There were so many of them that we had to line
>>the border with troops
>>& force them back across the river. The Mexican economy was broken by
>>these refugees &
>>collapsed under the strain. 
>>Copied by
>>Dr Byron Weeks

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