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Subject: SLS: HOT NEWS ON TWA-800! Senior VP Arrested

>From:        Dawn Miller (by way of John Prukop)
>Subject:     HOT NEWS ON TWA-800! Senior VP Arrested 
>> We have just received a FAX alert from Joe Jordan, National Vietnam POW
>> Strike Force, Houston, Texas.  Quoting the post:
>> As you read this, the Senior Vice -President of TWA has been arrested by
>> jack-booted thugs of the FBI and taken to a maximum security prison for
>> providing author Jim Sanders with a piece of the seat cover he used to
>> detect rocket fuel from the U.S. Navy Aegis missile that went haywire and
>> hit the jet.  Jim also authored the POW/MIA magnum opus, "Men We Left
>> Behind".  Pierre Salinger and others were dead right about the missile
>> hit.
>> Help Jim if he calls you.  We must as a nation protect those who expose
>> lies and treason in high office.
>> ALSO:
>> THE FEDERAL REGISTER has a copy of the Executive Order that Clinton
>signed precluding Navy Divers from protection under the Whistleblower 
>Protection Act for anything they might have seen on TWA 800.  If the 
>FBI is so "SURE" that there was no missile, or criminal act, then why 
>was this EO necessary?
>> Have you seen the TWA-800 evidence of the missile strike for yourself?? 
>> If not, go to this site now:
>>  http://www.accessone.com/~rivero/CRASH/TWA/twa.html
>> Here you will find a plethora of information.  ESPECIALLY check the
>> entitled "IAN GODDARD'S MISSILE TRACK" showing the radar imagery, as well
>> as, 'THE FIRST RADAR IMAGES".  Some of the information here is taken from
>> the March 20, 1997 issue of Paris Match.
>> CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington
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>> Puyallup, Washington 98373
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>> e-mail: ccw@frugal.com

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