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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: An epidemic of hole in the heads (?)

It was a spearhead launched by
cave men from another millennium,
but it entered a time warp just
as the Philadelphia Experiment was
cranking up the volume, and it
fell down on Ron's head as he was
sipping his in-flight Nescafe,
when he lowered the volume on
his in-flight headset playing
Looney Tunes Best Hit(s)! CD.

[no pun intended]

Said spearhead was removed, 
leaving gaping hole, and no
brains (aka no brainer [sic]).

There!  Any other questions
you desperately need answering?  8-]

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 03:48 AM 12/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Perspectives Column from Dec. 10th edition of Wednesday on the Web
>An Epidemic Of Holes in the Head
>By Phil Brennan
>I don't know whether Ron Brown's skull played host to a .45 slug or if he 
>merely had the kind of hole in his head I always thought all liberal 
>Democrats have.
>What I do know is that this whole affair stinks like the year-old goo I 
>recently took out of my refrigerator and threw away.
>Ever since the courageous Chris Ruddy broke this incredible story, this 
>Brown business has got curiouser and curiouser.
>It began with a plane crash that allegedly took place as a result of a 
>failure of electronic equipment designed to guide aircraft to wherever it 
>is they are supposed to be going.
>Then the Bosnian in charge of the equipment allegedly committed suicide a 
>la Vince Foster -- a mode of death extraordinarily common among those 
>connected in anyway, no matter how remote -- with matters involving the 
>Then along came Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell, a highly competent army 
>pathologist to reveal there was a suspicious hole in the top of Brown's 
>skull, that there was brain matter exposed inside the hole, indicating 
>that whatever caused the hole penetrated the skull bone, and there were 
>metal fragments of the kind left by bullets inside Brown's skull.
>Cogswell said that the x-rays of Brown's head had somehow gone astray, 
>but that he had photographs of the x-rays taken before they went off into 
>that giant maw that seems to swallow up anything the Clinton 
>Administration does not want made public.
>Next, a goon squad raided Cogswell's quarters, sans search warrant, 
>ransacked it, and Cogswell was ordered to clam up and was placed under 
>what amounts to house arrest.
>Up to this point, most of this explosive story has been studiously 
>ignored by the media which has made a practice of savaging Ruddy -- a 
>journalist who has the quaint idea -- not shared by the majority of his 
>colleagues -- that a reporter should pursue a story no matter where it 
>leads -- and pursue it with integrity and determination to get the facts 
>even if they defy the current wisdom.
>After all, the media elitists reasoned, all Ruddy had was Cogswell and 
>his photos and wasn't Ruddy the right wing nut who thought that something 
>was fishy in the rather strange investigation of the death of Vincent 
>Foster -- another gentleman connected with the Clintons who turned up 
>with a hole in his head.
>Then along came Lt. Col. David Hause, a colleague of Cogswell's in the 
>Armed Forces Institute of Pathology to say that unlike Cogswell, he was 
>present during the examination of Brown's corpse. Here's how Ruddy put it:
>"Cogswell was not present at Dover when the wound was examined, but Hause 
>According to Hause, his examination table was only two tables away from 
>the one on which Brown's body was laid out. "A commotion" erupted, he 
>said, when someone said, "Gee, this looks like a gunshot wound." Hause 
>said he left his examination table to view the wound.
>He remembers saying, "Sure enough, it looks like a gunshot wound to me, 
>He said the wound "looked like a punched-out .45-caliber entrance hole."
>In last week's article, Cogswell called the wound "as close to a 
>perfectly circular hole as you can get." He based his description on 
>discussions with colleagues and his review of records, photographs and 
>"Essentially ... Brown had a .45-inch inwardly beveling circular hole in 
>the top of his head, which is essentially the description of a 
>.45-caliber gunshot wound," Cogswell said."
>Hause also confirmed Cogswell's claim that the original x-rays were 
>" Last Friday, Hause explained, he was asked to review the Brown case 
>file with Dr. Jerry Spencer, the AFIP's chief medical examiner. They laid 
>out all of the X-rays and discovered that, indeed, no X-rays of Brown's 
>head remained.
>"Hause said he was also ordered to collect all photographs taken of Brown 
>at Dover. These photos, stored in a safe, should have included 
>photographs of the X-rays. But after compiling an extensive inventory of 
>the negatives, Hause could find no original photo negatives of the head 
>"According to Hause, all that remains of the head X-rays are photographic 
>slide images in the possession of Cogswell and copies of images possessed 
>by the Tribune-Review."
>Neither Cogswell nor Hause can understand why something as suspicious as 
>a hole in Brown's head did not set off alarms among the other armed 
>forces pathologists conducting the examination of his corpse. The facts, 
>they insist, demanded an autopsy, but mysteriously, none was done.
>Last week I watched the Peter Jenning's ABC special on the Dark Side of 
>Camelot, sparked by Sy Hersh's new book of the same name.
>What struck me was the fact that much of the information revealed about 
>the dark side of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was known to the media during 
>those legendary 1000 days of Camelot. JFK's serial adulteries were widely 
>discussed at the time. I listened to a lot of such talk at the National 
>Press Club in those days.
>Moreover we all knew that one or two members of the media elite who were 
>close to JFK had good reason to know about his satyriasis -- they had 
>wives who were even closer to the president.
>Someone tipped off the GOP that there was a book in the Library of 
>Congress that would shock the public. We were told to get the Blauvelt 
>Family Genealogy out of the Library and look at a certain page.
>We did, and discovered an entry that stated that a member of that 
>illustrious old New Jersey family, one Drury Malcomb (sp?), had on such 
>and such a date, married a Congressman John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
>Investigation revealed that the page in the marriage register supposedly 
>showing the marriage took place was missing. And, when reporter Bill 
>Shultz called the lady in questioned she sniffed "Everybody knows the 
>President has only one wife," begging the question that what every knew 
>might not necessarily be the truth.
>Shortly afterward the White House discovered what we were up to and took 
>evasive action, passing the item on to Newsweek (Washington editor: Ben 
>Bradley, a close friend of JFK) and they ran a little piece essentially 
>having a good laugh over a story too absurd to be taken seriously.
>When that story broke the rest of the media ran for cover. The White 
>House denied the story and the media obediently accepted the denials and 
>that was that.
>Back then, just about everybody in Washington also knew that Nixon had 
>the 1960 election stolen from him. But since the media hated Nixon, the 
>fact got short shrift at the networks and the big print media. Now the 
>public learns that the election was indeed stolen, by a mafia thief in 
>league with the Kennedy clan.
>In short, a lot of the Kennedy scandals revealed in the book and in the 
>TV special were known and deliberately covered up by the media.
>The Brown case proves that they're at it again.
>They have no shame (or consciences).
>Also on this week's edition of Wednesday on the Web -- Cover Story: The 
>New Class and The New Socialism - a remarkably revealing essay by Rupert 
>Murdoch; Special Report-A Plea for a Political Prisoner in Arkansas; 
>OPIC-Let's end Big Bucks for Big Business; Malcolm Wallop-The Gkobal 
>Warming Treaty-All Pain, No Gain; Battling The Poison of Pop Culture-If 
>you've Got Kids You've Got To Read This; Fifty Ways To Cut Taxes; Ward 
>Connerly-Equality Is The Key To Racial Harmony and lots, lots more. Check 
>it out at http://www.pacg.com/pvbr/ 
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