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Subject: SLS: Driver License Conspiracy (fwd)

>Thanks to Donald Cline for this forward.
>Now, place both hands on your forehead.  Shake your head very slowly 
>from side to side while reading this flabbergasting anecdote.
>Subject: Re: Driver License Conspiracy
>>(Excerpt from a letter sent to Jon Roland)
>>For those who poo-poo the "conspiracy theory" & NWO, here is an example of a
>>(minor) fraud on the drivers here in Nevada.  When you first apply for a
>>driver license at the DMV, they ask if you want your SSN on your license.
>>you delcine, the department issues a different (apparantly random) number.
>>What they do not tell you is that your SSN and date of birth is encoded in
>>this number.  If your SSN is, for example, 987-65-4320 (not a valid #), and
>>you were born in 1922, the state would issue license #  457530864122.  To
>>decode this number, drop the last two digits (year you were born),
>subtract 26
>>from the first two digits, divide by two and drop the remainder (the third
>>digit from the end is always odd).  Bingo: the answer is 987654320.
>>  I discovered this code in about 1994, so I don't know if the DMV is
>>informing current applicants that this code is embedded.  When I first
>>in 1992, I was led to believe that my SSN would not be on my license.
This I
>>consider to be important, since anyone with access to your SSN can obtain
>>extensive private information about you that simply is none of their
>>This code is pretty well known by now to many in this state, so basically
>>anyone can obtain your SSN.
>>  From a conspiracy standpoint, this is a minor issue, since there are many
>>ways to obtain someone's SSN, but I cannot help but wonder what other secret
>>stuff various levels of government are hiding from us.  I am also curious to
>>know if other states follow a similar scheme, or just force people to use
>>SSN against their will.

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