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Subject: SLS: Commerce--Interstate v. Intrastate? 
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If/when you get a driver's license and/or 
auto registration, you place your property in
the custody of the state as a "motor vehicle"
and you then must license your use of this
"motor vehicle" and, of course, you must also
indemnify the state's interest in that
motor vehicle.  This places you into "interstate
commerce," whether you agree with this scam or
not.  The only current solution is to surrender
your driver's license AND your plates, and 
sue out the ownership of your car in a Quiet Title
action.  That's the only way I know of getting
out from under this cloak and dagger interstate
commerce [sic].  But, the proper construction of
the Commerce Clause does NOT mention the 
inhabitants of the several states, only the
several states!  There is a BIG difference
between the two.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 12:37 AM 12/6/97 -0600, you wrote:
>At 05:49 AM 12/6/97 +0000, Jim Bullock wrote:
>You may want to re-read the commerce clause:
>"To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and 
>among the several states, and with the Indian
>unless you are a foreign nation, a state,
>or an indian tribe, the feds have no 
>constitutional authority to regulate the 
>buying and selling of anything between
>So how do they get away with it?
>Jim Bullock
>Another good question is how in the hell do the states think they can tax
and regulate commerce performed by Indian tribes?
>old jim
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