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>Hearthside, December 8
>Pssst, Wanna change the government? Take the cure.
>"I understand by public opinion the sense and sentiment of the
>community, necessarily irresistible, showing its sovereign power
>everywhere. It is this public opinion which gives sense to the letter,
>and life to the law: without it the written law is a mere husk."
>Francis Lieber, Political Ethicist (1)
>"The origination and descent of all human power is from God...
>Government seems to be part of Religion itself -- a thing sacred in
>its institutions and ends... Government, like clocks, go from the
>motion men give them; and as governments are made and moved by men, so
>by them they are ruined too. Wherefore governments rather depend upon
>men, than men upon governments. Let men be good, and the government
>cannot be bad..." William Penn, Governor (2)
>"If a man will not allow his views of what God approves or disapproves
>to decide such questions, then some other power, either personal or
>ideal, will step in and usurp God's place. A man needs and should
>desire to be controlled -- by some power from without... God Himself
>is voluntarily controlled by his own law. He does not live
>capriciously... He *chooses* not to change. Now a man is either a
>weathercock or a slave, or he is a voluntary servant; and voluntary
>service of a high principle, or of God, is freedom." E. O. Haven,
>President of the University of Michigan (3)
>"A man to whom God hath given riches, wealth, and honour, so that he
>wanteth nothing for his soul of all that he desireth, yet God giveth
>him not power to eat thereof, but a stranger eateth it: this is
>vanity, and it is an evil disease." Ecclesiastes 6:2
>Dave and Helen Delany
>(1) _Manual of Political Ethics_, vol. I, by Francis Lieber; J . B.
>Lippincott, 1874 
>(2) _The Frame of Government_ by William Penn; quoted in _Memoirs of 
>the Public and Private Life of William Penn_; Longman, Hurst, Orme, 
>and Grown, 1813 
>(3) _Pillars of Truth_, by E. O. Haven; Nelson and Phillips, 1866
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>   "Liberty is founded at Hearthside."

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