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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
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Many thanks to David E. Parsons
for assembling this terrific,
comprehensive resource of truth
about the massive government fraud
We the People of the United States
of America have now exposed, and
thoroughly documented, with proof.

Please pass along to everyone you know,
and please give credit where credit is
due -- David E. Parsons -- for a great
job very well done!

By the way, 
"We the People of the United States" 
 are not the same as
"We the People of the United States of America," 
 C.J. Taney in Dred Scott notwithstanding.

For proof, study the Guarantee Clause -- 
one of the keys which unlocks this whole
puzzle, quite nicely.  The United States
(federal government) is not required to
guarantee a Republican Form of Government
to itself, so it implemented a legislative
democracy instead.  There is one of our
most powerful pressure points, by Law!
Details are available in Gilbertson's
OPENING BRIEF, now loaded (and free!)
in the Supreme Law Library, at the URL
just below my name here:

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a very
Happy New Year also to you, and yours!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

>From: "David E. Parsons" <spiker@amnix.com>
>Dear Fellow Americans:
>Now that 1997 is drawing to a close, most of you will be thinking about
>spending untold hours, and your hard earned money, to comply with the laws
>and regulations enforced by the jack-booted thugs at the IRS.
>Check out these various web sites to see what others are doing to fight the
>unlawful, illegal IRS:
>Americans For Tax Reform
>Social Security Estimator
>The Hidden Tax Bite in Everything You Buy
>Focus on the Flat Tax
>U.S. Citizens Human Rights Commission 
>Pictorial Evidence of Injuries Caused by IRS Thugs
>The Antishyster On-Line
>Jolly Tax Home
>American Freedom Network
>Larry Becraft Briefs
>Jeff Head's Liberty Page
>Roger Hedgecock's Home Page
>How To Become A First Class Citizen
>Dustin Howard's Home Page
>Tax Truth 4 U **
>Supreme Law Forum 
>Important Tax Cases
>The Beginning of the Internal Revenue Service
>U.S. Tax Code On-Line
>State Income Tax Arguments
>Enrolled Agent Letter
>Tax Freedom Network 
>Supreme Law Library: The Kick-Back Racket:
>CFR / TLC / Bilderberger Members In  Government 
>Supreme Law Library : Juries in Check Around the Nation 
>ICE - Investigating Curious Evidence
>Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest 
>Constitutional Defense 
>26 CFR 602.101 - The Form Required 
>The Proper Legal Use of Form 1040
>The Beginning of the Internal Revenue Service
>The Missing Thirteenth Amendment 
>Feds Sued for Free Speech Violations, Racketering 
>BeachBum's Clinton Scandal Page
>U.N. Reform - Commission on Global Governance 
>The U.N. Plan for Global Control
>Income Tax Challenge ... $10,000 if you can prove them wrong 
>Income tax facts you can live and work with!!
>Captain Nemo's Freedom Lovers Pages Index!
>Constitution Society Home Page
>Was the Income Tax Amendment Ever Ratified?
>Welcome to the Committee to Restore the Constitution
>Irwin Schiff's Official Home Page 
>How To STOP Paying Federal Income Tax - LEGALLY!
>Are You Liable [for U.S. Income Tax]?
>LP News - "Talking Points" index
>Conservative Internet Forum

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