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>From: "Henry Ayre" <henri@alaska.net>
>I have just finished reading THE DOWNING OF TWA FLIGHT 800 by James
>Sanders, Zebra Books, 1977. It's a book that is difficult to put down once
>you begin, and it takes only sever hours to read. Since it costs only $7
>(pocketbook format) it recommends itself on two points immediately. But
>beyond that, I found it was impossible NOT to believe that, with so many
>individual factual elements that fit together so nicely, I was reading the
>truth and the whole truth of the disaster. In any analysis of a complex
>event, if the observer finds just three elements that indisputably fit
>together in a certain fashion then he has a firm grip on the large picture
>of what happened. Author Sanders presents to the reader not three but
>dozens of elements of the Flight 800 disaster which fit together nicely.
>The only questions that are left would be less than consequential details.
>The cause of the crash is named.
>But beyond solving the story of the demise of Flight 800, Sanders book puts
>the spotlight on the mind-blowing perfidy of the Federal government, taken
>as a whole. In the first month, Federal investigators knew by the physical
>evidence what had brought the 747 crashing into the ocean. Yet, they (in
>the person of one FBI Kallstrom) lied directly to the American public. It
>was claimed that they had NO idea what brought the plane down, later that
>it DEFINITELY was NOT a bomb or a missile. The lying was done looking into
>the TV camera, to be reiterated by all the main talking heads of the
>nation's major TV news chains. This lying has been done with great emphasis
>and resonance, as if to say, "This IS the truth... trust us!"
>But it wasn't the truth. Many of those so bombastically declared it to be
>the truth KNEW it wasn't the truth, thus were guilty of public lying, a
>capital offense in my opinion. Others simply reiterated mindlessly the
>leitmotif of the grand authorities who knew damned well that they were
>lying. These mindless ones should be banished to some cold dank rocky
>island to keep company with salmon, seagulls, and brown bear until the end
>of their days.
>It becomes clear that this whole powerful and complex engine of Federal
>government lying is not something that just happened to pop up at the time
>of the Flight 800 disaster. Indeed, we can think of many times in previous
>instances where the government marshalled its forces with astounding speed
>and purpose to manufacture a 'truth' favourable to its image. So how long
>has all this lying been going on. Apparently a very very long time. AND WHO
>ARE THE PRINCIPLE LIARS? In general, all politicians, save a very few. The
>higher up the food chain of lies the more successful they are as
>One thing should be perfectly clear. The Federal government does not hold
>the same definition of 'the truth' as do the average citizens of this
>country. For us the truth is a precise and complete recitation of events of
>the past, which recitation may or not be to our benefit. For the Federal
>government the truth is a recitation of events of the past which is part
>true, part fiction, part distorsion, and part silence on real elements of
>the situation. The result is ALWAYS a story that will do maximum good/
>minimum harm to the power and grandeur of the government. This to the
>centrists (both big AND small) IS the truth because the central government
>to them IS the essence of the country. To harm the central government by
>saying something detrimental to it is "untrue" because (to the centrists)
>it jeopardizes the safety of the government. If this appears to you to be
>tortured reasoning you are not alone.
>Reading Sanders book--which I strongly recommend--convinces the average
>American that he has a real problem with the Federal government. That
>problem might even become as personal as the safety of the commercial
>jetliner he boards so innocently.  H. Ayre. 

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