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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: RAND & CBS!

WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!!!!  8-]]]]]

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

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>DOCNO: P-5248
>TITLE: Milgram's Scotch Verdict on TV--A Retrial.
>AUTH: G.A. Comstock
>PAGES: 13,    DATE: 1974    COST: $ 4.00
>KEYS: Behavior; Television 
>ABST: An evaluation, by the former science adviser and senior research 
>coordinator to the Surgeon
>General's Scientific Advisory Committee on Television and Social 
>Behavior, of a series of
>experiments directed by Stanley Milgram, reported in S. Milgram and R. L. 
>Shotland, [Television
>and Antisocial Behavior: Field Experiments]. Exposure to portrayals of 
>antisocial behavior on
>television was manipulated, and subsequent imitative behavior measured, 
>with both viewing and
>behavioral measurement occurring in nonlaboratory "everyday" 
>circumstances. The data are
>interpreted as supporting a "Scottish verdict" in regard to the influence 
>of television on antisocial
>behavior: case "not proven." Sponsored by CBS, the research cost about 
>$500,000, and is
>probably the unique instance of a network altering programming on behalf 
>of science. Unfortunately,
>the experiments are poorly conceived, flawed, and largely irrelevant to 
>the large body of prior
>research on television's effects--a very modest contribution primarily 
>illustrating the difficulty of
>conducting meaningful and compelling field experiments on mass media 
>effects. 13 pp. Ref. 
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