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>Subject: FMNews: Social Security Privatization, Reason Prize Packages
>Free-Market.Net News Announcement
>In this update:
>        * Social Security Privatization Back in the Spotlight
>        * Reason Magazine Holiday Prize Packages
>        * Winner of November Drawing
>        * Free-Market.Net Enlists New Partners
>Social Security Privatization Back in the Spotlight
>You free-market.com veterans might remember that our first
>Policy Spotlight back in January of this year was on 
>the fight for Social Security privatization. Since then, 
>a lot has happened, and things are still rolling fast.
>Just this week, The Cato Institute and The Economist 
>are co-sponsoring a conference in London on "Solving 
>the Global Pension Crisis." Last week, the Oregon proposal 
>for "opting-out" of federal Social Security -- developed 
>by The Cascade Policy Institute and Jose Pinera --  was
>addressed at the American Legislative Exchange Council's
>December conference. (ALEC is a national group of 
>conservative state legislators.)
>As Jerry Tuccille writes in his Media Spotlight column, 
>"That Social Security is financially unsound is now 
>a matter of common wisdom in news stories about entitlements 
>and budgetary issues.... even the most unreconstructed 
>New Deal idolaters among the ranks of the Fourth Estate 
>admit that they hope the system is still under warranty."
>Privatization has become a reality, or a real possibility, 
>all around the world. Many free-marketeers believe that this
>is the most significant opportunity we have had in years, 
>and it is crucial that we take advantage of it. If you doubt
>the significance of the issue, remember this: in the U.S., 
>we are talking about one-fifth of the federal government's 
>current spending.
>If you'd like a quick overview and update on the situation -- 
>or if you want a starting point for in-depth research -- 
>come visit the December Policy Spotlight. As always, 
>you'll find:
>        * A concise introduction.
>        * Media Spotlight on the mainstream coverage.
>        * Annotated links to all the important sources 
>        of online information (with special attention 
>        to what our free-market allies have to offer).
>        * Open forum for discussion and debate.
>Come check out the Policy Spotlight at:
>Free Drawing for Reason Magazine Holiday Prize Packages
>As many of you know, Reason Magazine is the undisputed
>champion of libertarian periodicals. T.J. Rodgers, 
>the very-cool, anti-PC, CEO and president of Cypress 
>Semiconductor wrote that, "Reason is my favorite and only
>periodical on political and current events. It pierces 
>through the non-rational dogma of both the Left and the Right
>to provide insight based on fact and reason. A must read."
>This month, our friends at Reason are offering three
>Free-Market.Net readers a special Holiday Gift Package. 
>The randomly-chosen grand prize winner will receive:
>        * One-year, 11-issue, subscription to Reason -- 
>        a $19.95 value.
>        * Reason Magazine coffee mug -- not available for sale.
>        * Autographed copy of "Free Minds and Free Markets,"
>        edited by Virginia Postrel and Robert W. Poole, Jr.
>        This anthology of classic articles from Reason's first
>        25 years includes contributions from Milton Friedman,
>        Charles Murray, George Gilder, and many others.
>        Hardcover, 377 pages, retails for $24.95. Virginia
>        Postrel and Bob Poole will both be autographing 
>        your copy, making it, of course, priceless.
>Two runners-up will receive a one-year subscription. If any 
>of the winners already have subscriptions, they will be extended.
>Stop by the FMN Web site to register for your chance to win:
>It's free, and without obligation. (We're just trying to get 
>your attention!)
>Winner of November "It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand" Drawing
>Last month's free give-away of an autographed copy of Jerome
>Tuccille's libertarian odyssey "It Usually Begins with Ayn Rand" 
>was won by Michael Nichols, a computer consultant in New York.
>Laissez Faire Books is selling copies of this 25th anniversary
>edition for $12.95. A nice gift for all the libertarians 
>on your holiday shopping list (like me, for example). 
>Free-Market.Net Enlists New Partner Organizations
>Over the past few days, our network has added three 
>valuable new partners. The Cato Institute, the Mackinac 
>Center for Public Policy, and American Liberty Publishers 
>have all signed on with Free-Market.Net. They join Reason 
>Magazine, Laissez Faire Books, Gold & Silver Reserve, Inc., 
>and the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.
>Partners are the organizational equivalent of FMN's members.
>As with members, we help partners take full advantage of the
>Internet by offering them tools that would be impossible
>or prohibitively expensive to do independently. We help them
>effectively mine the Internet's resources, and maximize 
>the exposure that their own resources receive. We assist 
>our partners in networking with you, and in reaching out 
>to a wider audience.
>And like members, partners help cover the costs of running
>Free-Market.Net. They contribute to making libertarian ideas
>more accessible and inviting through our directory, search 
>engines, features, forums, and special programs.
>Partners and members are essential to Free-Market.Net's 
>success, like solid support in a squishy sea of political 
>arrogance, animosity, ignorance, and apathy. Would we jump ship 
>if we didn't get your support? Would we go into something more 
>profitable, like, say, distributing videotapes of Pamela Anderson 
>and Tommy Lee? Probably not. We love what we do. But it is only 
>with your help that we have a real impact on the future. 
>Without members and partners, we would be a lonely rowboat, 
>instead of an aircraft carrier.
>If you are not already a member, I hope you will consider joining. 
>And if you operate an organization that contributes to freedom, 
>I hope we can discuss enlisting you as a partner.
>Yours in Liberty,
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