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>Elizabeth, you are a rare gem.  Would you share with me 
>the major forces in your life which led you to the 
>conclusions you reach below?  What do you think of the 
>black pride movement?  Do you think there are many 
>blacks who understand the dangers as you do?  How about 
>an organization of these folks?
>Thanks for your many fine posts.
>Dr. Douglas W. Schell
>Professor of Business and Economics
>The University of North Carolina- Pembroke
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>On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Elizabeth Wright 
>>	Now, why do I care about this?  Because I am 
>not fooled by the "diversity" folk into believing that 
>the institutions of this society will be preserved and 
>honored by those who happen to share my gene
>>pool.   I have never taken these institutions for 
>granted and even as a teenager realized that I enjoyed 
>liberties unheard of during most epochs of history and 
>undreamed of on most parts of this planet.  The
>>multicultural ideologues (who come in all colors but 
>are rife with black loyalists) make it clear that they 
>view these institutions with contempt.  They are 
>working for nothing less than total control and are
>>managing to co-opt the very people who should be 
>fighting them.
>>	If and when these people come to power, their 
>major aim will be to institute their "enlightenment" 
>policies in all quarters of society.  If
>>you think the P.C. stuff now being rammed down our 
>throats via the media and academia is stifling, you 
>ain't seen all that they have in store.  I
>>have heard them refer to liberties such as freedom of 
>speech as no more than "niceties" and "jiveass 
>claptrap."  To be done away with, you can
>>be sure, if and when the natives get too restless.
>>	I see no deepseated, heartfelt opposition to 
>this trend except among white "Southrons."  Other types 
>of conservatives talk tough until an epithet is hurled 
>their way.  Then they fold.  Or start regurgitating
>>that mealymouthed "We's all God's chillun'" stuff that 
>was taught to them by the multiculturalists.  White 
>southerners are used to being battered with every kind 
>of insult.  They've been under siege for over a
>>century.  If they don't have toughened hides by now, 
>then it's simply not possible to toughen a hide.
>>	So, I look at it this way.  Who is most likely 
>to fight the hardest to maintain and conserve this 
>extraordinary experiment in freedom that was
>>put together by those 18th century visionaries?  Who 
>else but the actual descendants of those Founders, 
>that's who.  That means you, white Southrons.  Once you 
>lay down the sword, that will be the end of
>>resistance.  You can then expect a Constitutional 
>Convention to be called where, for once and all, that 
>18th century document is done away with and replaced 
>with one that more "accurately" reflects the
>>multicultural temper of the times.  And, Lordy, what 
>times those will be!
>>	So, if a "white" South would guarantee the 
>preservation of those institutions that grant me almost 
>unlimited freedoms, then let's have a White South.

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