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Sue out the MSO, using administrative remedies,
for the time being.  You must do so anyway,
under the Doctrine of Exhaustion (of administrative

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

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><<>>In California, insurance is mandatory, unless you can show proof that
>>>you are wealthy enough to instantly fork over $300,000 (I think) in
>>>cash to pay for whoever you injured in a wreck.
>>>And, starting just recently, the registration laws were changed: you
>>>must now show proof of insurance or other "financial responsibility"
>>>When you register your car every year, or else no tags.
>>>And third strike is, in some CA cities, cars without current tags,
>>>can be impounded by police... even if sitting in your driveway.
>>>What a country...
>>>Steve Maher
>>Same here in Indiana. It would be a great country if we would stop kissing
>>politicians' asses for favors. 
>>Frank Ernest
>>A Traditional Astrologer
>>Horary and Mundane Astrology
>••To make the point, the requirement in CA if you don't have insurance is to
>put $35,000 in a bank account and via a form the DMV sends to you to the bank
>which the bank signs and you return to the DMV (assignment?) allows you to
>have to buy insurance.  I know, I have that and it's the only way I can
>to have 7 cars, a van, and a motorhome sitting on my property.   And no, I'm
>not wealth, it's all I have.  If I have an accident, it could all be taken
>I could be sued for much more.  I travel VERY carefully.
>A Believer@aol.com
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