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Subject: SLS: A RAND Publication

You just don't believe the truth when you hear it.

I did confirm a mathematical flaw in their logic,
which was reviewed by my graduate professor
in applied mathematics and decision theory, and 
he agreed with me.

Given the initial probabilities of A and B, and
the conditional probability of B given A, then
the conditional probability of A given B is computable.
The latter conditional probability was the lower
half of RAND's probability matrix.

You, Sir, are suffering from the Grand Deception:

you confuse the truth with lies, and
you confuse lies with the truth.

Such is your punishment for living the lie.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

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><< I have done better.  I was the one
> who isolated the fault in the
> mathematics of their Delphi Technique.
>  >>
>In his spare time, he has also sequenced the entire human genome, perfected
>the superstring theory, and created 3 new transuranic elements.
>For freedom,
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