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Subject: SLS: FBI Director Louis Freeh calls Clinton's methods similar
  to an organized crime syndicate.  

>FBI Director Louis Freeh calls Clinton's methods similar to
>an organized crime syndicate.  How fitting! -- DaveK --
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>From: "John A. Quayle" <blueoval@sgi.net>
>RNC News Release
>December 9, 1997
>WASHINGTON - In an extraordinary exchange today between
>Representative Dan Burton (R-IN) and FBI Director Louis Freeh
>during the House campaign fund-raising hearings, the FBI Director
>compared stonewalling by Clinton/Gore and DNC officials with the
>New York organized crime bosses he pursued as a federal judge and
>"For the second time in two weeks, I find myself agreeing
>with FBI Director Louis Freeh," said Republican National
>Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson. "The Clinton Administration's
>stonewalling, with witnesses fleeing across international borders
>and taking the fifth, is more reminiscent of The Godfather than
>Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The American people deserve
>A transcript of the exchange from today's Government Reform
>and Oversight Committee follows:
>BURTON: Mr. Freeh, over 65 people have invoked the 5th Amendment
>or fled the country in the course of the Committee's
>investigation. Have you ever experienced so many unavailable
>witnesses in any matter in which you've prosecuted or in which
>you've been involved?
>FREEH: Actually, I have.
>BURTON: You have? Give me, give me a rundown on that real
>FREEH: I spent about 16 years doing organized crime cases in New
>York City and many people were frequently unavailable.
>BURTON: So the, was that the only time you've experienced
>something like that?
>FREEH: It went on for quite a while.
>BURTON: So the only time that you experienced anything like this
>was when you were investigating an organized crime syndicate.
>(We'd like to know how you feel. Please feel free to e-mail the RNC at
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