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Subject: SLS: New World Court---London Sunday Times 12/12/97

>>>Source: The London Times
>>>World News - The Times
>>>December 12 1997
>>>No. 66 071
>>>Britain seeks stronger world court 
>>>>BRITAIN is breaking ranks with the other big powers to support proposals
>>>>giving greater authority and independence to the planned International
>>>>Criminal Court. 
>>>>During two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations, British diplomats
>>>>have signalled the Government's willingness to limit the Security
>>>>ability to block investigations into genocide and other war crimes.
>>>>has also lobbied for "fast-track" extradition of suspects and argued for a
>>>>broad interpretation of what type of crimes should be covered by the new
>>>>world court, which is to be established at a conference in Rome in June
>>>>Unlike the existing International Court of Justice in The Hague, the new
>>>>court will hear cases against individuals as well as states, operating
>>>>the current war crimes tribunals on Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. In
>>>>future, leaders who commit genocide might be hauled before the court. 
>>>>"The British Government wants there to be an effective and independent
>>>>international criminal court with proper powers of investigation," said
>>>>John Weston, Britain's UN representative. "This latest session of
>>>>preparatory work has made some good progress. The British Government is
>>>>taking a forward attitude in the drafting of the convention." 
>>>>Human rights groups praised Britain's new stance, attributing the policy
>>>>switch to the arrival of the Labour Government and its "ethical foreign
>>>>policy". One rights activist gave Elizabeth Wilmshurst, the Foreign Office
>>>>lawyer who is acting as Britain's chief negotiator, a human rights
badge to
>>>>congratulate her on changing her position. 
>>>>"The British position is an important step forward in breaking ranks over
>>>>the key issue of Security Council control of the court," said Jelena
>>>>of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights.
>>>>Copyright 1997 The Times Newspapers Limited.
>>>># # #

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