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I see the feds as criminals in control 
of the state and federal governments,
operating in the mode of an elaborate
extortion racket to acquire unlimited
amounts of money, which feeds their
crazed lust for power.  I believe the
Holy Bible is correct when it says that
the hearts of many judges will be 
permanently hardened;  this, I have
already experienced many times over.

My position on the First Amendment went
out several weeks ago, and I think you
would like it.  It basically says that
the purpose of that Amendment was to
remove government from the People's
relationship with the Most High, to give
them the freedom to re-discovery Him -- 
on their own.  I'll look for it and 
send it to you, if I can find it.

I am an anti-hypocrite.  I have the "New Amendment"
ready to issue from Congress, if I am elected.
It would abolish the 14th amendment, and substitute
the Amendment Congress SHOULD have proposed, right
after the Civil War, to wit:

  The status of State Citizen shall not be denied
  or abridged by the United States, or by any State,
  on account of race.  The 14th amendment [sic] 
  is hereby repealed.

The "[sic]" would be necessary to quell the debate
about whether it needs to be repealed formally,
in light of all the evidence which proves that
it was never properly ratified.  See Dyett v. Turner.

Federal citizenship should be tied to the federal zone,
pursuant to jus soli (the Law of the Land).  See the
Supremacy Clause for guidance.  It will not be 
difficult to make these necessary changes in federal
laws, once the sense of Congress is clarified by
all the research we have now done and are loading
into the Supreme Law Library.  The larger problem
will be insuring equal protection in the face of
a legislative democracy which has been created for
the federal zone.  Perhaps we should also consider
amending the Guarantee Clause, which is the more
powerful pressure point, to wit:

  "The United States shall guarantee to every State
   in this Union, and also to the United States itself,
   a Republican Form of Government ...."

I realize these changes are ambitious, but they are
eminently worthwhile, because they conform to the
intent of the supreme Law.  See the Preamble.

Thanks for your kindness here!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year
to you and yours.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:13 AM 12/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>>Wanna Help?
>Thank you for crrasting/maintaining your web site.
>I had another dream last night about Red Chineese trying to take over
>this country arriving in helicopters. I suppose it fits in with Clinton
>selling them Cosco a navy base in SanDiego.
>There are a lot of things wrong, as you wrote, but a lot of people are
>going up in vibration and returning themselves in many different ways
>and taking many different paths to a relationship with the Creator, as
>you have.
>Do you allow for non-christians on an even par with christians in your
>vision of the future?
>Are you at all racist or anti semite or anti anyone?
>Do you see the feds as enemy or ignorant brothers who need more love?
>Thank you.

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