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Subject: SLS: Civilian Internment Camps - Now an Open Topic of
  Discussion? (fwd)

>To: Against Constitutional Terrorists <act@efn.org>
>Subject: [Fwd: Civilian Internment Camps - Now an Open Topic of Discussion?]
>"People have not yet discovered they have been
>disenfranchised. Even lawyers can't stand to
>admit it. In any nation in which people's rights
>have been subordinated to the rights of the few,
>in any totalitarian nation, the first
>institution to be dismantled is the jury. I was,
>I am, afraid." -- Gerry Spence 
>"The more a power departs from God's law, the more
>impotent it becomes in coping with real offenses,
>and the more severe it becomes with trifling offenses
>or with meaningless infractions of empty statutes
>which seek to govern without moral authority and
>without reason".-- From The Institutes of Biblical Law,
>R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Foundation
>For those who are actively engaged in exposing and resisting gov't 
>lies and misapplication of law, this site and this 
>subject may be of considerable interest.
>Especially note the following, taken from the above Web page:
>"The Deputy Attorney General of California commented at a conference 
>that anyone who attacks the State, even verbally, becomes a 
>revolutionary and an enemy by definition. Louis Guiffreda, who was 
>head of FEMA, stated that 'legitimate violence is integral to our 
>form of government, for it is from this source that we can continue 
>to purge our weaknesses.'"

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