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Subject: SLS: C-130's in upper New York have been equipped. (fwd)

>Subject: SLS: C-130's in upper New York have been equipped. (fwd)
>We have been hearing so much about the pending emergency they are expecting
>to accrue,  and it seems New York City is always the City were they are
>expecting it to accrue,  I'm sure they have already set it up, and they
>tell us they are not equipped to handle a terrorist attack,  and it is
>always New York City, the media uses for an example.
>I'm sure you already know the C-130's in upper New York have been equipped
>with the necessary rails needed to drop the fire bomb, should an Anthrax
>epidemic develop.  The young military in upper New York have already been
>trained to shoot any one trying to get out of a cordoned off area, such as
>a quarantined area. They have been told the sick people are going to die any
>way.  (Remember)
>If I lived in New York City, I would be making arraignments to get the H---
>out NOW.
>Contitution Ranger

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