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Subject: SLS: Butte County Citizens Denied Right to see their own Grand
   Jury (fwd)

>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 21:03:57 -0800
>To: PangK <PangK@aol.com>
>From: "Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr." <spg@c-zone.net>
>Subject: Re: Butte County Citizens Denied Right to see their own Grand
>  Jury
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>Dear PangK,
>We have used lawyers, and are familiar with them.  What we have seen is that
>factually, they are flaccid, devious, non-representative arm of the
>organized crime syndicate in which we are going after.
>Anyone asking a lawyer to join them in any cause is like asking a local Wise
>Guy to help you fight his own organized crime mafia.
>There can be NO disputing of these facts.  In fact, not just the henious
>facts and figures which show massive losses to average citizens entering
>within the present court systems of this nation; not only the clear facts
>and figures that show that money (See O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and a
>host of other 'rich' criminal causes that turned out quite differently from
>the reality that would have transpired if they were poor, these people would
>have been slammed into jail a long time ago) money is the only 'real' law
>within our court system; not only the clear explosion of Pro Se litigants
>whom after decades of being plummelled by this corrupt Organized Crime
>Syndicate/System that the ABA runs through  and by collusion of its lawyers;
>not only the fact, hidden to most litigants whom hire lawyers that his
>'defender' in fact is an officer of the court and has homage and fealty to
>that court; not only by the fact, that if lawyers worked, especially in
>Fathers Rights, amounst a host of other causes--that most of these
>government applied tyrannies NEVER would have occurred in the first place!;
>not only by the clear facts and figures that Social "Judicial Activist" /
>Imperial "Judges" are upholding clearly Unconstitutional laws and action,
>and defiantly are protecting themselves and other government tyrants through
>illegal "Immunity" cliams; not only by the fact that lawyers pervert the law
>and do not voraciously attack the system, not only to defeat it, but totally
>collapse and eradicate it which sometimes is needed, and during modern
>times--is ABSOLUTELY NEEDED...The facts are--getting a Lawyer is the worst
>thing any citizen can factually do to his case.
>And you want us to get a lawyer?!?  For what reason?
>It is most propable we are going to be over ruled, or proceedurally put
>aside anyways--why would we add MORE certainty to that fact by obtaining a
>Lawyer whom will not voraciously eradicate these perverted systems?  That
>will enjoin with the court to overcharge us, to take our monies, to
>malfeasantly drag the case along until that lawyer wears out the person he
>represents so that the case in fact NEVER ENTERS ANY COURT?
>Clearly, with the massive losses being suffered by the American public by
>this applied Government terrorism, we are clearly coming to a time where the
>realization clearly shows, that "IF" it is a most probable certainty that we
>are going to lose due to this illegal Organized Crime Syndicate--
>Why do we need lawyers?
>Why in fact do we even need Judges?!?
>The system is so corrupt--why do we need these entities if we are only to
>lose anyways?
>I say we face facts, and start cutting these maggot's out from their own
>sustinance.  Stop hiring lawyers, Stop giving Judges Salaries--starve this
>beast by any means--[for clearly logically proven reasons]; and these
>injustice will start to collapse, due to inadequate funds.
>No deference to you...but "IF" there were any true lawyers within this
>nation--most of these perversions would have never occurred in the first
>place.  The FACT that they have, clearly shows that these 'professional'
>people have clearly not done their job, they have no understanding of law;
>and/or they are malfeasant beyond reason.  These are the polite reasons as
>to why we will not obtain a 'vaunted' lawyer.
>If you don't like it, then I can start spouting facts and figures that start
>with 97.3% of wins being upheld by DA's across this nation for any 'crime.'
>(This is a 1990 figure, clearly closer to 100% by now).  Most
>Communist/Totalitarian regimes can only claim 99% success rate.
>AND--I would conjecture to say, that those 2.7% of citizen wins out of the
>97.3% citizen losses--I would make the supposition a good portion of those
>are due to Pro Se (non-lawyer) litigants and not the other way around.
>I mean really. Lets turn this paradigm around and place the same facts and
>figures on 'Lifeguards" per se.  Out of 100% going swimming, 97.3% drown?
>Would you 'think' it would take 40 years to figure out whether we need
>"Lifeguards" or not?
>So...all we are doing here is what any clear thinking citizen would do.
>They'd assure themselves the best percentage of winning, and clearly in
>these contemporary times, that can be best done WITHOUT  a Lawyer.
>Clearly, lawyers are being 'cut out of the loop'.  We keep this up, we might
>be able to get this country back.
>Wish us luck.
>We are getting 'zero' lawyers.  You are out of the loop.  We don't want your
>help anymore.  Trust me, you've 'helped' enough already.
>At 08:41 PM 12/15/97 EST, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 97-12-15 15:02:16 EST, you write:
>><< First, the idea that we have to use a lawyer to access what is lawfully
>> by birthright and ancient custom (See ex-rel Miller which gives but a small
>> history of the Grand Jury); is reprehensible.  We are trying to collapse
>> corrupt monopoly of the ABA.  We have  a right WITHOUT SEEKING A LAWYER to
>> see our own grand jury.  We will force this issue until they submit.
>>  >>
>>Well IF you are hell bent to bloody yourself, I can't talk you out of it.
>>a lawyer
>>who knows the ropes can do a better job for you.

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