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>More interesting anonymous feedback.  Yes, it's anonymous, but I 
>have a high degree of confidence in this source.  It's at least 
>encouraging that another from the "inside" worked up the 
>courage to openly state the truth.  
>Small steps lead to larger steps!
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>Date:          Tue, 16 Dec 1997 00:07:30 +0000
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>Subject:       Magic Bullet Foot Fixer
>I just got through reading your essay <Let's All Get a Magic Bullet and
>Shoot Ourselves in the Foot, Huh?> Just my two cents on an excellent
>Re: your observation about judges making sure they are not the ones to bring
>down the house of cards, I was finally told by my trust attorney (ex IRS
>Collections) after several years of asking, that indeed my understanding of
>the law was correct. I felt like I had gone through the Looking Glass, 
>it was so unreal. All along, I had believed (no hoped) that I
misunderstood, >because the truth was too painful to hear; We the People
have been
>systematically raped for most of this century by our own government. 
>I was actually physically sick. He went on to say that if the <law was
>enforced as it is written, the entire system would collapse>. BTW he also
>refused to provide an opinion letter to this effect, saying that he could
>help from the inside, and that he wasn't going to throw away his entire 
>practice as an enrolled agent.  You can take the boy out of the SS, but...

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