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For, what does it profit anyone,
to gain the entire world, but
to lose their very souls?

Answer: nothing but rotting flesh
and emptiness.

[paraphrase from The Holy Bible]

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

>A terrific article.  
>Read it all, it's outstanding.  
>It really makes you stop and think.
>From: Jim Strode <theduke@mail.swcp.com>
>>                     http://www.TheWinds.org/
>>                        Editorial 12/6/97
>>                   U.S. GUILTY OF SOUL CONTROL
>>                      -- A CAPITAL OFFENSE
>>A strange prophecy uttered centuries ago seems to be revealing itself.
>>"For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered
>> together." Matthew 24:28. Quite literally it could read, 
>>"For wherever you see the dead body, there will the scavengers 
>> be gathered together."
>>Our nation today could well be characterized as a dead body on which
>>the scavengers are taking their toll, but most of this nation's citizens 
>>do not seem to get the point or recognize what constitutes the death 
>>of the body.  The death of the body is not when one loses his gun. 
>>It is not when the Constitution is abrogated. It is not even the death 
>>of the body when one is not able to vote. The death is when one loses 
>>his soul to the control of another.
>>It is recognized that our country has been responsible for some serious
>>crimes. Our leaders have plotted the assassination of men who are
>>presidents of other sovereign nations. The country is guilty of illegally
>>confiscating foreign lands as in the case of Hawaii. Even so, that does not
>>constitute our dead body. Things have changed for generations. Nations
>>have risen and fallen. As population increases, there is no way the 
>>status quo can be maintained. As technology expands, the support for that
>>technology also expands, placing upon the society pressures that have 
>>to be adjusted.
>>The Native American was destined to be displaced. While men can live
>>as natives did when there are millions of square miles of vacant land, 
>>as the population increases there is simply not room for everyone 
>>to live in that way. Can you imagine how it would be for five billion
>>people all needing a hundred square miles for hunting or fishing? 
>>While it is romantic to consider the free and unfettered lifestyle 
>>of the Native American, it is impossible for that lifestyle to continue
>>with so many humans sharing the same space.
>>The U.S. now plans to disarm its citizens over time. This is an
>>established fact. Today there are many organizations who are resisting 
>>this change. Both sides look at the issue differently. The advocates of
>>disarmament claim that the Constitution only guarantees that there be a
>>well organized army to protect the citizens, while the other side says 
>>that the citizens should be allowed to possess weapons. Everyone takes 
>>a position. By and by, change comes even if over the body of the resister.
>>Someone has said, they will get my gun when they pry it out of my cold,
>>dead hand.  That may very well be what it takes, but they will do it. 
>>Native Americans said, they will take my land over my dead body, 
>>and so they did.
>>The United Nations is the new wave. Sovereign states are no longer the
>>picture of the powers that be. It is decreed that all who cling to their
>>sovereign states will simply be removed with those states over their dead
>>bodies. While these issues may be important to individuals, they are not
>>the vital issues. Change is inevitable and predictable. In some ways 
>>change is necessary. There is no inherent evil in one-world government. 
>>Is not God's government a single government? The evil comes when men rule
>>over the consciences of another. This constitutes the evil that is
>>overpowering the earth.
>>There are those who proclaim that the U.S. is planning a chip to implant
>>under the skin and that constitutes the mark of the beast. My question is,
>>how would that constitute the mark of the beast any more than a new hip
>>joint planted under the skin or a tooth filling put into the mouth? 
>>How would a social security number placed on the skin be different 
>>than your number placed on your card? You are still numbered.
>>Various entities have warned Americans that their liberties are being
>>taken away. They have said that we must stay alert and not let the
>>politicians give our heritage away. They warn against the government 
>>coming to take their weapons or that they will be placing the "mark" 
>>upon or in them. I stand amazed at how blind these individuals seem to be.
>>How sleepy and dopey as if under the influence of too much wine. 
>>They are like men chained to a dungeon wall warning the other prisoners 
>>to beware of those who will try and come to put chains on them. A man is
>>truly asleep when he warns another man that his house may soon burn down
>>when the truth is that house was ashes years ago.
>>In the Third Article of the Bill of Rights it says: "Congress shall
>>make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting 
>>the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech." 
>>Also stated as the First Amendment, this is one of the grand and most
>>touted Articles and the one in which Americans boast themselves the most.
>>Yet, this Article has been thrown out of the Constitution long ago. 
>>It will not hold in any court of law.
>>I can very well prove this assertion. Let us suppose I am religious and I
>>believe in certain things. Let us suppose I believe that my property taxes
>>are going to support the public schools. Let us further suppose that I
>>believe that the public schools are degrading my children by teaching 
>>them the view that homosexuality is a viable alternative lifestyle. 
>>This is not to make an argument either way, this is simply to say that 
>>I believe in my soul that it is wrong to teach children that. Let's 
>>further suppose that I believe the schools are taking God out of the 
>>hearts of children and placing a hedonistic religion in their hearts
>>instead. So far, so good. The government would say, "believe anything you
>>like." But, there is more to Article 3. It says Congress will not
>>prohibit the "free exercise" of that belief.
>>To carry out my faith, or to freely exercise my faith, let us say I
>>believed that I should not pay to support what I saw was destroying young
>> minds. I saw that by paying for it I was giving it power. Understand 
>>that I am not saying that others may not do what they believe in if they
>>believe in that sort of thing. This "not paying" my property tax would
>>constitute the "free exercise" of my faith. While I may very well be able
>>to withhold my property tax, I would have my property confiscated. 
>>If I withheld my income taxes because they support abortions,
>>assassinations, world conquest, genocide and sanctions against other
>>sovereign lands under false pretenses, I may very well be jailed 
>>for income tax evasion or some other crime. Can you see, we may believe
>>what we like, but we may not freely exercise what we believe in. 
>>In no way can this nation be characterized as a free country until 
>>one can freely exercise his faith. We are only free to do what we are 
>>told we can do, but we may not use our conscience as a guide.
>>We must use state law as the guide and this was essentially the position 
>>in the Soviet Union and other communist countries. Our nation has gone 
>>into the business of soul control and this is what constitutes taking 
>>the mark of the nation (beast). The mark is not a piece of plastic under
>>the skin. It is a soul that has given itself over in his thinking
>>(forehead) and in his labors (hand).The mark is already here and not 
>>some day. Men are already chained, and not chained someday. So what 
>>if our guns are taken away someday, our souls have been usurped already,
>>our constitution destroyed already.
>>I am not saying we should wake up and keep the evil away, I am saying
>>wake up and see that the evil has already arrived. The thief already 
>>came in and stole just about all that is of any value - your ability to
>>choose what you want to do with your life conscientiously without regard 
>>as to what the state says about it. If the state chooses other things for
>>you, you must comply. Of course, I am not speaking of the leaders of the
>>nation. They may fornicate themselves, their children, and just about
>>anyone else. They may plot the murder of their enemies. I am speaking of
>>the normal, average citizen. It is he who must obey the law. One may know
>>this to be true from the latest ABC presentation about J.F. Kennedy which
>>aired December 4th. President Kennedy did and planned things which would 
>>be crimes for any common man, but his police guards turned their backs 
>>to his crimes. Even J. Edgar Hoover turned a blind eye.
>>The issue of gun control is now evident. It is true that guns are not the
>>problem as some men say. So what if guns are taken away, men can use
>>Molotov cocktails. Will the state then outlaw gas? If gas were outlawed,
>>then men could kill with a match by setting fire to his opponent's house.
>>If matches were confiscated, then men could kill with a rope and use it 
>>to hang their opponent. Does the state plan to put us all in 
>>strait-jackets and feed us with machines so we will be good and 
>>not hurt anyone? No, gun control is not about people killing other people.
>>It is about the control of the soul.
>>Should not a man be judged for his crimes rather than judged for things he
>>possesses? Should all water glasses be confiscated because some of them
>>were used to commit murder? No, things are not the problem and guns are
>>not the problem. The problem is that the state wants its mark upon every
>>citizen and it will not share that mark with the God of heaven. It demands
>>that men will pay their dues and do what they are told, even if it does not
>>make sense and even if it is not according to their consciences. The state
>>does not need to meet the minds of its citizens, it only needs to command.
>>The evidence for this is plain. It is considered a hate crime to speak
>>against homosexuality in some circles, but it is not a hate crime to speak
>>against child molestation. May I ask what is the difference? The state has
>>decreed you may have sex with consenting adults of the same sex, but not
>>with consenting children. If same sex is good as the state proclaims, then
>>why withhold something good from children? The Scriptures condemn either
>>one of these practices, but the state picks and chooses. The state declares
>>that some perversion is good and right if practiced after a certain age.
>>Who made up this age that men can come to in order to be right about
>>As a Christian I use the Scriptures as my authority for my religious
>>beliefs, but what does the state use? If the Scriptures are discounted 
>>by the state, then what do they use to say anything is wrong or right
>>-- a man's opinion?  Are we to follow a man now? Is this a cult? 
>>Has God become so obsolete and inferior to man that we must now trust 
>>the state to tell us what is moral and what is immoral? From all 
>>evidence, the state sure doesn't know and cannot judge these things. 
>>Who says that child molestation is wrong? I only know one authoritative
>>source. That source is the Bible. If the Bible is not considered, 
>>then who can make this judgment? Anything is right that any man wants 
>>to do. Is not one man's opinion as good as another? Who is the state to
>>proclaim itself the revealer of morals? The state may very well know 
>>how to build roads or fix sewers but it is not qualified to judge 
>>what is morally right.
>>Why is it that national leaders may plan the assassination of other men,
>>but the citizens may not? Why is it that the U.S. may withhold its 
>>dues to the United Nations until it is satisfied with its direction, 
>>but citizens may not withhold their taxes until the citizens are 
>>satisfied with the nation's direction?
>>There are other evidences for soul control. Our nation may put someone
>>in jail for the smallest amount of marijuana, but they may possess
>>cigarettes which have a higher risk factor for health. I do not use drugs,
>>myself, but I fail to see how a woman can have control over her own 
>>body and abort a baby while a man cannot have control over his own 
>>body and smoke marijuana. Which is more important, a new creature 
>>formed in the image of God or some hemp? Why is it that there are black
>>clubs and black organizations in certain corporations which are not
>>considered racist, but white clubs or white organizations are considered
>>racist? Why is it that we might mock the actions of a white male, 
>>but when we mock the actions of a woman or racial minority it is 
>>considered prejudice? Men strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. 
>>Again, if true reason and sanity were displayed, even a small child 
>>would know the answers to these questions, but since men are working to
>>enslave the consciences of other men and you have soul control,
>>there is no reason but only an insane delusion as to what constitutes 
>>right and wrong.
>>Generations ago many of the citizens of the English Commonwealth were
>>feeling the bite of soul control. They were able to resolve the situation
>>by moving to America, "the land of the free." Now that America practices
>>the same coercion of conscience, where do the citizens go now? 
>>The citizens are forced into a corner and react as a she bear with her
>>cubs. This is the issue that underlies much of the upheaval and 
>>discontent. No man likes having his conscience messed with by anyone. 
>>This is not a racial truth but a human one. Now there is no place 
>>for the oppressed to flee. There is only one solution. The system must 
>>be brought to its end. The earth must be destroyed. Soul control is a
>>capital offense. God reserves the domain of conscience for Himself. 
>>When men usurp that authority and strive to control men's consciences 
>>(that which God does not even do), the God of heaven bears His arm and
>>things are righted. Soul control was practiced on black slaves and the
>>nation was divided and nearly ruined with civil war because of it. 
>The Lord fixes what we break.
>>The eagle is a fitting symbol of this nation. This scavenger is now
>>eating the flesh off the citizens of this once great country. 
>>Although eagles are more characterized as liking to eat fish, 
>>the symbol is appropriate. According to Webster's, a slang use 
>>of the term "fish" is: "an incompetent player whose incompetence 
>>can be exploited". Another meaning is: "a new prison inmate."
>>I think both definitions fit precisely. Yes, eagles like to eat fish also
>>if you are one. I think we are getting what we deserve. Our freedoms 
>>will not be returned to us. No, they won't. The only answer these days 
>>is to be free and take the consequences. The answer is to refrain 
>>from the mark and take the results of doing that. Oh, yes, 
>>the Scriptures say, "and that no man might buy or sell save 
>>he that had the mark." This beast wants our worship, he wants 
>>soul control. It says, as many as would not worship (submit and honor) 
>>this beast should be killed. Well, I have decided I am not going 
>>to let him control my soul and I will freely exercise my faith anyway.
>>While most men proclaim, "we have no other king but Caesar," a few still
>>say, "Father, Thy will be done."
>>                 Copyright  1997, The WINDS.
>>                     ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
>>                   http://www.TheWinds.org
>>                  Contact The WINDS webmaster. 
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>>"Of all contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind,
>>none has been more effective than that which deludes them with 
>>paper money".
>>- Daniel Webster
>>"I see in the near future a crisis approaching. It unnerves me 
>>and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country....
>>the Money Power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign"'
>>by working upon the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is 
>>aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. 
>>I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country
>>than ever before, even in the midst of war." 
>>-Abraham Lincoln,- In a letter written to William Elkin just after the
>>passage of the National Banking Act of 1863 and less than five 
>>months before he was assassinated.
>>"... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. 
>>The people cannot be all,and always, well informed. The part which is
>>wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts 
>>they misconceive. If they remain quiet  under such misconceptions, 
>>it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. 
>>... And what country can preserve its liberties, if it's rulers are not
>>warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
>>resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to 
>>the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a 
>>century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time,
>>with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." 
>>-- Thomas Jefferson, Nov. 13, 1787, letter to William S. Smith, see 
>>Jefferson On Democracy, 20 (S. Padover ed. 1939). 
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