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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLF: APB on Roger D. Cravens [sic]


     Roger D. Cravens -- WANTED

This is to inform you that the Internet user
who goes by the name of Roger D. Cravens [sic] is now
wanted for questioning in connection with the
development, and administration, of a tainted
serum while he was employed by the Centers for
Disease Control ("CDC") in Atlanta, Georgia state.

Mr. Cravens appears to have expended federal 
funds, under cover of sorting and forwarding
provocative electronic email, from his government
computer, which was connected directly to the
local area network ("LAN") at the CDC.

When confronted about the long hours which he
was spending in this endeavor, and about the
specific Congressional authority by which he
was permitted to expend federal funds in this
fashion, Mr. Cravens became extremely defensive,
insulting, and then inexplicably dropped off
the Internet for several months.  We were later
told that he had developed a severe back problem.

If you have any information which leads you to
believe that Roger Cravens may be active in your
immediate community, please inform the local
County Sheriffs immediately, and provide them
with a copy of this email message.

Mr. Cravens is believed to have inside information
concerning the Gulf War Syndrome and the method(s)
which were used to infect American soldiers with
this syndrome, before their assignment to the
Gulf War with Iraq, many years ago.  Corroborating
evidence can be obtained from the sworn testimony
given by former Michigan U.S. Senator Don Reigle, 
to a Senate Subcommittee investigating the matter.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this
request.  Please also see the related email message
entitled "SLF: This is CODE 3: ALL UNITS", copies
of which can be provided to you, upon polite request.

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress,
Private Attorney General,
Counselor at Law

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