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Subject: SLS: "Take Your Family to the Threatre" (was "Bill of Rights")

>>This was tooooooo gooood  not to share.  
>>The President Clinton was out jogging very early the other day, 
>>when he came upon the Washington Monument.  He paused at the
>>entrance, bowed his head respectfully, and said: "George, the
>>country is in a terrible shape lately, and I'm not sure what to do
>>to improve things.  If you've got any advice for me, I would sure
>>appreciate it."
>>     Suddenly, the early morning mist cleared, a light shone down
>>upon Bill, and a clear voice said: "Read the Constitution."
>>Bill thought a moment, then said: "I've read the Constitution, and I
>>don't believe there's anything in there to help me right now." and he
>>jogged on.
>>     The next morning, Bill took a different route for his early
>>morning jog and found himself in front of the Jefferson Memorial.
>>Again, he bowed his head respectfully and said: "Thomas, the country is
>>in terrible shape right now and I sure could use some help getting it
>>straightened out.  Is there anything you can think of to help me?"
>>Again, the mist parted and a light shone down upon the president as
>>a voice called out: "Read the Bill of Rights."  Bill thought a moment
>>and said: "I've read the Bill of Rights, and I don't believe there's
>>anything in there to help me right now." and he jogged on.
>>     On the third morning, Clinton found himself in front of the
>>Lincoln Memorial.  For a third time, he bowed his head and
>>said: "Mr. Lincoln, you were an inspiration to me.  The country
>>is in terrible shape right now and I was hoping you might have
>>some words of wisdom to help me make things right.
>>     Again, the mist cleared, a light shone down upon Bill,
>>and a booming voice said: "Take your family to the theatre."

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