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From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: Are Vaccines Greatly Needed? (fwd)

I located the missing document.

"The Rockefeller Report" is now at:


Sorry for any confusion;  the error originated

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

>There are simply too many questions reference the military and
>To begin see: 1)  The Rockefeller Report, 1994 "Is Military Service
>Hazardous to Veterans' Health?
> Lessons spanning half a century.Report of the Senate Committee on Veterans
>Affairs, 103d Congress, 2nd Session. {online} available: 
>2) Minutes of the Desert Shield Medical Issues Working Group from 4 and 7
>December, 1990
>{Online}  Available at Gulflink, File 9710101_sep96_decls22_0002.txt (here
>a Manhatten Project is discussed, but Committee members felt that the
>timing for trials in theater was not right at the present.
>3)Prevention of Hepatitis A in Soldiers (online) Available: 
>102596_sep96_declas19_0002.txt (this is also at Gulflink.  Here an IND
>Hepatitis vaccine is discussed though waivers were obtained only for PB and
>botulinum toxoid during the Gulf War.
>4) Check out information on the synergistic effects of Pyridostigmine
>Bromide, and ask why the work of Dr. James Moss has never been funded. 
>This information is available at many sites.  To begin simply type in "Gulf
>War Illness" or "Persian Gulf War Illness" or "Gulf War Syndrome" or "Gulf
>jWar Vetereans".
>If Gulflink files have mysteriously disappeared, some files are mirrored at
>the Federation of American Scientists site.
>Also, see Dr. Horowitz.  AIDS, EBOLA and Emerging Viruses
>Title 50, US Code, Chapter 32, 1520 available at Cornell Law Library is a
>must read.
>You may be surprised to learn that as long as the Congress and Senate are
>notified, in order for
>the US government to conduct an experiment on a local population, 30 days
>notice must be given to 
>two public officials.  Period!!!!!  
>I would like to encourage everyone to do quite the opposite of Mr. Dodson's
>suggestion, and bring these matters up to their congress people as soon as
>possible, and before the military begins to implement its new anthrax
>vaccine.  For further information go to NIAD New; USAMEDD, and the FDA.
>Please write to the FDA to ask for details on the anthrax vaccine which is
>in development and which has been submitted to them for approval as an IND.
>It is probable that it will be necessary to file FOIA's on these matters.
>Also, go to the Institute for Molecular Medicine (immed.org) for several
>papers written by Professors Garth  and Nancy Nicolson.
>Ask yourselves how Micoplasma Fermentans Incognitus, with the HIV gp.120
>envelope gene and a synthetic squalene adjuvant, MF 59, comes to be in the
>blood of Gulf War veterans when USAMRIID  repeatedly states that only the
>adjuvant alum was used during the Gulf War, and that no HIV experiments
>were conducted, and no Manhatten Project implemented.
>It is high time the general public became aware of the real issues
>surrounding Gulf War illnesses, and that they realized that vaccinations
>are but one of the probable causes.
>Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty..............................
>Yours sincerely,
>S. Maddison Hines
>> From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
>> To: James Derek Dodson <derekd@midwest.net>
>> Cc: DISASTER-L@sonic.net
>> Subject: [DISASTER] Vaccines Are Greatly Needed
>> Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 10:26 AM
>> Vaccines that work, fine!  
>> Okay?
>> See latest changes to local rules
>> for the U.S. Court of Claims
>> (last 5 years +/-).
>> /s/ Paul Mitchell
>> Candidate for Congress
>> http://supremelaw.com
>> At 09:10 AM 12/17/97 -0600, you wrote:
>> >I would like to encourage everyone to ask their Congress men and women
>> >start these vaccines as soon as possible.  Anthrax is a threat to our
>> >and this vaccine will undoubtedly help save lives in the event of any
>> >terrorist attacks.  The information provided below would lead one to
>> >that there is some sort of conspiracy underway (which there is
>absolutely no
>> >evidence of) and that these vaccines will be used to spread diseases
>> >our troops.  One could be led to believe that the person who wrote the
>> >information below was working for a terrorists group and just does not
>> >to see our troops vaccinated....conspiracies can be made out of
>> >anything...we need to be smart and not believe everything we read on the
>> >internet...the information below is a PERFECT example of the kind of
>> >information that all of us must wade through to get to the truth.
>> >
>> >Sincerely
>> >
>> >derekd
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >Paul Andrew Mitchell wrote:
>> >
>> >> A better formatted version:
>> >>
>> >> [This text is formatted in Courier 11, non-proportional spacing.]
>> >>
>> >>                        PLEASE REPOST
>> >>
>> >> CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES  and current  events  have  led  me  to  the
>> >> conclusion that  the trigger  is about  to be pulled on the final
>> >> stages of the plot for the takeover of America.
>> >>
>> >> It is  now clear  that the United States Military can not be made
>> >> to be  a  tool  of  the  Conspiracy,  due  to  the  formation  of
>> >> substantial pockets  of resistance  within the military and their
>> >> reluctance to  attack/kill Americans  under any pretense short of
>> >> overt aggression against this country.
>> >>
>> >> As a  result, it appears clear that the decision has been made to
>> >> neutralize the vast majority of front-line American military.
>> >>
>> >> As you  know, vaccines  have been used recently to spread disease
>> >> very successfully.   If  you doubt  this, do  some  research  and
>> >> confirm this  for yourself.   The  Gulf War  Syndrome was  only a
>> >> test.
>> >>
>> >> Now think  about this.   Why  try to  eliminate the military with
>> >> guns, when you can get them to sit in a chair, one-by-one, and be
>> >> infected/poisoned?
>> >>
>> >> The decision  has now  been made  to  use  the  proposed  anthrax
>> >> vaccine on  ALL military  personnel.    Military  personnel  MUST
>> >> refuse to take these vaccinations.  If sufficient numbers do, and
>> >> enough focus is put on this matter, the program will be halted.
>> >>
>> >> Foreign troops  are already  massed in  huge numbers  inside  the
>> >> United States  and have  stockpiled hundreds of tons of weaponry,
>> >> primarily under the umbrella of the United Nations.
>> >>
>> >> Think about this for a minute.
>> >>
>> >> Does America  have plenty  of weapons?   Yes.   Why would foreign
>> >> powers  bring   in  hundreds   of  tons  of  additional  weapons?
>> >> Primarily because  they know  that  many  soldiers  will  destroy
>> >> American weaponry rather than letting it fall into enemy hands.
>> >>
>> >> Contact every  one you can in the military TODAY and urge them to
>> >> voice their  STRONG OBJECTION  to the  vaccine  and  REQUEST  FOR
>> >>
>> >> As usual,  the vast  majority of  leadership in  the military has
>> >> been kept  completely in  the dark  and have been lead to believe
>> >> that this  vaccine is  necessary for  the health of the soldiers.
>> >> Only a  small number  have any  suspicion or knowledge.  Once the
>> >> vaccination program  begins, soldiers  will be given NO CHOICE in
>> >> the matter.
>> >>
>> >> Let your  friends and  family know to be ready for anything these
>> >> demons may try to pull.  We must act as God's Soldiers and not as
>> >> sheeple.
>> >>
>> >> It is time to take a stand.
>> >>
>> >> The resisters  in the  military will  wage a  war from within, if
>> >> necessary.   This will  include the  elimination of  any  persons
>> >> trying to execute this plot.
>> >>
>> >> This means  that you need to be especially sure to warn personnel
>> >> in the medical corps that they are in DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
>> >>
>> >> The vaccine  is only  part of the plot to put foreign soldiers in
>> >> control of the United States.  The overall plan is believed to be
>> >> as follows:
>> >>
>> >> 1.   Create a  biological/environmental emergency  which  can  be
>> >>      blamed on foreign powers which will hasten the apparent need
>> >>      for the vaccine.
>> >>
>> >> 2.   The structure  what will appear to be a non-planned economic
>> >>      collapse.
>> >>
>> >> 3.   Allow the people to riot over the unfolding events.
>> >>
>> >> 4.   Use propaganda  to encourage  the people to beg for military
>> >>      intervention.   Most compromised  governors, and mayors, are
>> >>      already poised to call for such intervention.
>> >>
>> >> 5.   Install U.S.  Military into  key control  positions under  a
>> >>      declared martial law/state of emergency.
>> >>
>> >> 6.   As the  U.S. Military  becomes sick from the vaccine, slowly
>> >>      replace them  with foreign  troops who  will not hesitate to
>> >>      shoot Americans for any reason.
>> >>
>> >> 7.   Put all  troops  under  U.N.  control  as  a  "peacekeeping"
>> >>      operation.
>> >>
>> >> I understand  that I  am taking  great risk by bringing this into
>> >> the open.  I can provide no further information.
>> >>
>> >> If you  are hesitant  to believe this is real, go back and review
>> >> the major  events of  the last few months and see if it fits into
>> >> the overall picture.
>> >>
>> >> Also, go back and read all the information you can about how AIDS
>> >> was spread  through Hepatitis-B vaccines and how tainted vaccines
>> >> are spreading  disease at  an alarming rate.  Then find out where
>> >> the serum came from to create the anthrax vaccine.
>> >>
>> >> You certainly will not want anyone, you care about, taking it!
>> >>
>> >> If you  believe this  is possible,  you owe it to America to take
>> >> action.  If this threat is not real, all that will happen is that
>> >> the government  will be  forced to  take an objective look at the
>> >> safety of the vaccine.
>> >>
>> >> In God We Must Have The Greatest Trust,
>> >>
>> >> Terry
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>                              #  #  #
>> >>

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