Time: Mon Dec 01 07:01:35 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: US strategists warn of military threat 'at home' (fwd)
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>>From the London Telegraph:
>International News 
>Electronic Telegraph 
>Monday 1 December 1997
>Issue 921
>US strategists warn of military threat 'at home'
>By Hugo Gurdon in Washington 
>A PROFOUND shift in American military strategy, emphasising "defence
>of the homeland" rather than exercising power overseas, will be
>recommended by a special Pentagon panel today.
>As Nato leaders gather in Brussels this week, William Cohen, the
>American Defence Secretary, will be studying a report that says military
>planners should concentrate on meeting the growing threat of attack on the
>American mainland.
>Although America was threatened with a Soviet nuclear strike during the
>Cold War and countered it with its own missiles overseas, a National
>Defence Panel now says more attention should be paid to the threat of hit
>and run attacks on US cities by a growing number of countries.
>The panel, created by Congress last year, notes that more enemies of
>America, such as Iraq, Iran and North Korea, are developing biological or
>chemical weapons and the means to deliver them.
> Copyright Telegraph Group Limited 1997.

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