Time: Mon Dec 01 07:24:19 1997
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Subject: More...CHILDREN....The Franklin Coverup 

I'll pass, for now.

/s/ Paul Mitchell

At 09:13 AM 12/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>FYI...I don't know who this creature is.  He (or she) has Chip Tatum on 
>his mailing list.....
>I don't want to respond.  How about you?
>Dot B
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>>by John W. DeCamp
>Hi Lu,
>I don't know if I ever told you but I went to hear Cathy O'Brien speak to a
>very small audience a year or two back -- her situation being essentially
>the same as many of the Franklin kids.
>I don't know precisely how to describe it but there was a point during her
>talk where my mind was somehow opened up and in less than a second I saw
>many, many pictures which depicted not only the filthy horrors of this whole
>thing but the almost unimaginable IMMENSITY of the problem -- how the
>tentacles were literally EVERYWHERE.  It was as though the entire structure
>upon which this once-fine country was built was irrevocably infested by
>termites and the damage was simply irrepairable.  All of this in less than a
>It was simply too much.  I just lost it and broke down and wept like a baby,
>finally quietly excusing myself from the room.  I fear I will never be the
>same.  There is a deep cynicism which has settled in upon me since that
>point and I seem to toggle between weeping in despair over what we've become
>and laying in bed at night very seriously contemplating the purchase of a
>sliencer-equipped ruger and a one-way ticket to D.C. to take out as many of
>these unconscionable motherf***ers as possible on the way out.
>I am ashamed to be an American, ashamed of our leadership and our DoJ,
>ashamed of our Pentagon and intelligence community, and often ashamed to be
>a member of this entire species.  And I am simply ***ENRAGED*** by all of
>this but what can one man do?
>God seems to be on vacation.

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