Time: Tue Dec 02 08:08:24 1997
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: FBI Bombed Murrah Building (OKC) to Ensure Funding of US Spy Agencies (follow-up)]
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>Immediately after the bombing of the Murrah building in OKC on April 19,
>1995, President Clinton began whipping the public into hysteria in a
>cynical effort to get his counter-terrorism legislation passed.  Within
>days after the bombing, a small group of patriots (in the traditional use
>of the word) walked the halls of Congress delivering pamphlets to every
>senator and every representative asking them not to pass any
>counter-terrorism legislation as a knee-jerk reaction to the bombing. 
>The pamphlets suggested that the FBI and ATF be viewed as suspects and
>compared the OKC bombing to the Reichstag Fire which gave birth to Nazi
>Germany in the early thirties.	Then Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole
>tabled the legislation indefinitely.*  Here is an excerpt from that
>Echos of the Reichstag Fire, by ..**
>In 1933, Adolph Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, was preparing for the
>upcoming elections.  He and his supporters used all manner of brutality
>to provoke the armed resistance of his political opponents, the
>Communists.  Nazi terrorists roamed the streets freely.  Despite all
>efforts, there was no sign of revolution.  If it could not be provoked,
>might it not have to be invented?  On the night of February 27, 1933,
>Hitlers stormtroopers using underground passages, made their way to the
>Reichstag (the German Parliament) and scattered gasoline and other
>chemicals.  They were aided in their plans by a half-witted Dutch
>communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, who had been heard boasting in a bar a
>few days before that he planned to set the Reichstag on fire.  Van der
>Lubbe was the dupe.  He was encouraged to set the Reichstag on fire.  But
>the main job was done by the stormtroopers without his knowledge, of
>course. [Nazi politician] Goering, prior to the fire, had drawn up a list
>of those to be arrested after the fire.  When he arrived at the fire,
>Goering loudly proclaimed, "This is the beginning of the Communist
>revolution!  We must not wait a minute.  We will show no mercy.  Every
>Communist official must be shot where he is found.  Every Communist
>deputy must this very night be strung up."  The day following the fire,
>seven sections of the German Constitution which guaranteed individually
>and civil liberties were suspended.  The arrests were made.  The Nazi
>state was born.  (See pages 190-195, "The Rise and Fall of the Third
>Reich," by William Shirer, Simon & Schuster, 1990.)
>*  Counter-terrorism legislation was eventually was passed in reaction to
>the TWA Flight 800 crash.  President Clinton used the crash as an excuse
>to whip the public into hysteria over terrorism once again.  This time he
>won.  Ironically, the CIA and FBI recently announced that the crash was
>not an act of terrorism.
>**  I have kept the authors anonymous to guard against government
>reprisals; however, the article is merely a summary of historical facts
>about Nazi Germany.

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