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Subject: SLF: No more bailouts: My program for economic recovery.
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Do YOU have anything else to say about it?

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 09:27 PM 12/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Thank you for your thoughts.  
>On Tue, 02 Dec 1997, Paul Andrew Mitchell 
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>>Dear Doug,
>>Here is my program:
>>#1: abolish federal income taxes on all federal 
>>    by Act of Congress, in light of fraudulent motives
>>    for the Public Salary Tax Act of 1939;
>>#2: implement #1 by issuing an E.O. to stop 
>withholding at once,
>>    and to cease/desist income tax returns by these 
>>#3: anticipate increased upward pressure on prices,
>>    by issuing silver bonds from the United States 
>>    in 1-, 2-, and 3-year maturities @ above-market
>>    rates;  encourage public agencies to buy these 
>>    authorize U.S. Mint to begin bulk silver 
>>    and accelerated minting of solid silver coins;
>>#4: recall all Federal Reserve Notes ("FRN's") within 
>3 years,
>>    and issue regulations for all FDIC-insured banks 
>to comply 
>>    over-the-counter, at teller windows (target: 
>>#5: begin printing U.S. Notes in sufficient 
>>    to replace all FRN's, one-for-one, using "bearer 
>>    rules, i.e., no I.D. or Cash Transaction Reports 
>>    U.S. Notes will be an interim measure, to be 
>>    after 3 years by silver and gold certificates;
>>#6: use Federal Register to publish official AFFIDAVIT
>>    with regulations for executing and submitting same
>>    to all private employers, anywhere in the state 
>>    or the federal zone;
>>#7: submit to Congress the proposed "New Amendment,"
>>    abolishing the so-called 14th amendment and making
>>    state Citizenship available to everyone, 
>>    of race;  the validity of the public debt will 
>>    be brought into question, permitting discharge in
>>    a competent U.S. Bankruptcy Court, convened for
>>    this specific purpose;  Congress can assist by 
>>    issuing special rules for appeal directly to 
>>    a 3-judge panel on the District Court of the
>>    United States.
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell,
>>Candidate for Congress
>>At 12:14 PM 12/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>As usual, Pat is on target concerning an issue that 
>>>will economically rape the middle class of the USA.  
>>>think this bailout is the MOST obnoxious of all.  
>>>Bailing out banks and countries which have devastated 
>>>much of the industrial base of the USA through less 
>>>than fair practices.  If this occurs, good buy middle 
>>>America as we have known it.
>>>What say ye?
>>>Dr. Douglas W. Schell
>>>Professor of Business and Economics
>>>The University of North Carolina- Pembroke
>>>1709 Crest Dr.
>>>Aberdeen, NC 28315
>>>(910) 944-5757 (home)
>>>(910) 521-6463 (office) 
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>>>Date:          Mon, 1 Dec 1997 19:58:30 -0500 (EST)
>>>From:          Right from the Beginning 
>>>To:            linda <linda@networkusa.org>
>>>Subject:       No More Bailouts--Abolish the IMF! 
>>>by Patrick J. Buchanan
>>>                 December 1, 1997
>>>If the people of South Korea were starving, Americans 
>>>would send food. If they were victims of a natural 
>>>disaster, an earthquake or typhoon, planeloads of 
>>>American doctors and nurses, shiploads of medicine 
>>>supplies, would be instantly on the way.
>>>But Asia's financial crisis is not a natural 
>>>it is man-made, the work of corrupt and incompetent 
>>>political elites, crony capitalists and 
>>>who deserted their own countries to chase hot profits 
>>>in Asia. Obligations of charity do not apply here.
>>>What these avaricious bankrupts want Americans to do 
>>>to pick up the hotel and bar bills from their 
>>>decade-long orgy. No thanks. 
>>>Ask yourself: Why does Seoul suddenly need $20 
>>>Is it because Koreans are suffering? No. South Korea 
>>>needs $20 billion pronto because it has $20 billion 
>>>short-term loans coming due by year's end. Korea 
>>>got the cash, and its creditors are howling. 
>>>The IMF bailouts of Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, 
>>>which could put Western taxpayers on the hook for 
>>>billion, are to save the faces of these Asian regimes 
>>>and the fannies of "investors" who want back
>>>every dime they put up -- without missing a payment. 
>>>When you know who is holding that $20 billion in 
>>>you will know for whose benefit the Global Economy is 
>>>designed to work.
>>>But why should U.S. taxpayers be put on the hook by 
>>>IMF, to make good failed Asian investments? Let those 
>>>who made the hot profits in Asia eat the losses. Let 
>>>the market work. Let the Asian debtors and
>>>their creditors negotiate themselves the terms of 
>>>repayment, and keep U.S. taxpayers out for once. 
>>>The hour is at hand for Congress to run a sword 
>>>this corrupt global system. All we need do is follow 
>>>the counsel of ex-Treasury Secretary Bill Simon, the 
>>>Heritage Foundation, and the American Enterprise 
>>>Institute, and kill the IMF. Then the gods of the 
>>>markets can rule again. Don't our free traders 
>>>in that?
>>>This November, in a courageous act, the House voted 
>>>down Mr. Clinton's request for $3.5 billion to 
>>>replenish the funds of the IMF. Prediction: Mr. 
>>>will come back from Vancouver Asia-Pacific summit and 
>>>demand even more money to bail out Robert Rubin's 
>>>Street buddies. But if Congress will hold firm and 
>>>the White House another dime for the IMF, it can 
>>>a mortal blow against a system crafted to endlessly 
>>>loot the American nation of its wealth.
>>>What is the IMF? It was created At Bretton Woods in 
>>>1944 as a fund from which governments could borrow to 
>>>maintain the fixed rates of exchange of their 
>>>currencies. But in 1971, Richard Nixon took America
>>>off the gold standard; the exchange-rate system broke 
>>>down; the dollar and other currencies were allowed to 
>>>"float" in a free market. The need for an IMF was 
>>>But the IMF refused to fold its tent. It set itself 
>>>as overseer of the Global Economy and lender of last 
>>>resort to bankrupt regimes. Four times since 1970 the 
>>>IMF has bailed out Mexico. In the last bailout, the 
>>>gave $17 billion in fresh loans to enable President
>>>Zedillo to pay off his New York creditors, who thus 
>>>walked away from their risky loans, while American 
>>>citizens are now exposed to the lion's share of that 
>>>$17 billion.
>>>How is Mexico to repay the IMF? The devaluation of 
>>>peso by 50 percent doubled the price of U.S. goods in 
>>>Mexico and cut by 50 percent the price of Mexican 
>>>exports. Devaluation thus wiped out the tiny U.S. 
>>>surplus. And when U.S. companies saw the price of
>>>Mexican labor had been cut in half in dollars, they 
>>>laid off their workers, shut down their U.S. plants 
>>>headed south for the Rio Grande. 
>>>This, then, is the great trade-off of the Global 
>>>Economy: Wall Street gets reimbursed, while Main 
>>>loses its export market, its factories and its jobs, 
>>>and is put on the hook by the IMF, so "investors" on 
>>>Wall Street do not have to swallow really big losses.
>>>We do it all -- to make the world safe for Goldman 
>>>The Global Economy is like a high-stakes poker game, 
>>>where the big players pocket their winnings, while 
>>>"house" -- i.e., the taxpayers -- makes good their 
>>>losses at the end of a bad night. 
>>>To do in Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea what it 
>>>did in Mexico, the IMF will need billions more in 
>>>lending authority from the U.S. government We ought 
>>>let this happen. The looting of our country
>>>must stop. And it can be stopped, if the agencies 
>>>thieve and redistribute U.S. wealth -- the IMF and 
>>>World Bank -- are denied all power to put at risk the 
>>>credit of the American people.
>>>Time for Congress to end these bailouts, privatize 
>>>World Bank and abolish the IMF. 
>>>c Patrick J. Buchanan
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