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Subject: Children in Denver-Plane identified

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>Subject: Children in Denver-Plane identified
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>Intel Report 3 Dec 97
>Children in Denver-Plane identified
>The plane located at the Denver International Airport carrying the
>120+children is identified as a United Nations airplane. The "irregular
>markings" were irregular because the numbers on UN planes are "different"
>than our US commercial/private carriers normally have. The plane went
>overseas to Paris, unsure exactly where after Paris but returned to the
>country within a week, probably to repeat the flight. Upon returning to the
>US the plane stopped in Billings, Montana and Casper, Wyoming in the middle
>of the night Sources also say there were Russians aboard the plane in Casper
>when it returned.
>That's all we have for now, your input is welcome.
>Food for thought- If DIA is connected UNDERGROUND to all of the underground
>bases as we are told, it would be very easy to bring the children in from
>Arizona or Las Vegas or just about any were else and place them on a plane,
>destination OVERSEAS. Phil Schneider and Alex Christopher's tape from Global
>Science Congress prior to Phil's death shows the roadway system below DIA. I
>know it was large enough for two eighteen-wheel trucks to pass. It's
>probably much more sophisticated than that.
>Biological Situation
>United Arab League source states that they are "fed up" with their women
>coming in to the country being humiliated with the exams at the airports.
>They know as we know that the biologicals are already here, so why continue
>the searches? Perhaps the idiots are trying to stir the Muslims and once
>they irritate the wrong female, she will return to her cell and kick things
>into gear or just take the blame. Advice from the UAL was to get out of the
>Mid-East but I don't see that happening.
>American Freedom Network Burns
>November 28 as you may know the American Freedom Network in Denver was
>completely destroyed. As the station was burning, conveniently a rumer was
>initiated that the station was affiliated with militias in some way and that
>there was ammo in place in the station. Due to the rumor, the firemen were
>obviously told not to go near the fire and the station was destroyed. The
>findings were that the fire was caused by a hot plate that overheated. Isn't
>it convenient that the cause of the fire is supposed to be an overheated hot
>plate? A very old arsonists tool is to place oil (kerosene or cooking) on a
>hot plate, have a timer set, the timer being cheap and plastic would be
>totally destroyed and the only item left would be the porcelain from the hot
>plate. We were told this a long time ago by an arsonists investigator. I
>guess this was a very popular tool for some time. Now if the person that set
>the timer on the hot plate was also the person that started the rumor
>regarding the ammo-they wouldn't really want that fire extinguished too
>soon, would they?  We are unsure when the Network will be back on line, our
>understanding is that the transmitter was not located at the station.  The
>station at the time of the fire was on auto-pilot, no one was injured.
>Thank God.
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