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Dear Friend,

"The Federal  Zone," electronic Seventh Edition, is now
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The American Indians had a great saying:

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Many thanks in advance for your understanding, and your
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/s/ Paul Mitchell

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At 08:45 AM 12/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>You have a new on-line transaction.
>FName	: Tom
>LName	: Ambler
>Phone	: (908)7811499
>Address	: 213 Reed Lane
>City	: Bedminster
>State	: New Jersey
>Postal_code	: 07921
>Country	: united States of America
>Email	: toma@mail.tsa.net
>Event:	: Select Event
>Number_of_guests	: 1
>Greetings in the name of Christ whom we serve,
>I am a patriot- and would be militaman if circumstances made it possible, nonetheless I am an ex-Marine and will stand my ground when the time comes, regardless of how well prepared I am.
>The reason I am writing should not require that I establish my loyalty to the movement...  I realize that a certain amount of suspicion and even paranoia is beneficial to our enjoyment of Life, Liberty and the Pusuit of Happiness!  Please realize that I do not know any more about you than you know about me...  now from there I will state my purpose.
>When I first became introduced to the Patriot movement, it was through an interest in what I heard a radio talk show host describe as "the Right to Travel"... I sent for the information, and what I recieved nearly blew my mind!  I sent for all the information that was offered, devouring written material like mad...  at the time I thought that I was completely isolated and alone, I had never heard of the militia movement before, much less of the New Jersey Militia.  It was through one of the information outlets that I was able to find out about the NJM.
>I soon learned that anyone who had tried to press the right to travel in New Jersey was heavily persecuted and Prosecuted too!  So, I was in a conundrum...  I had knowledge that a crime had been committed; fraud against the people of New Jersey by the Department of Motor Vehicles and the State of New Jersy itself... yet all attempts to expose these crimes had failed miserably.  I wasn't really concerned about exposing the crime by myself, I was more concerned about my complicity in the matter!  I wanted to rescind my driver's license!
>I thought that perhaps I had found a means of compromise.  I could obtain an International Driver's permit, and register my pickup truck in that same nation which does not have any insurance requirements.  I did however, elect to acquire insurance coverage through Puget's Sound Agricultural Society...  since I do not know if you are familiar with them I will describe it...  they offer a membership coverage of the minimum liability required by the State in which you live.  The membership cost is a one time payment of 500 FRNs and an annual 250 FRNs, the applicants must attest to be Christians and adhere to Christian moral standards; such as not driving drunk.
>All claims are totalled up and evenly divided among the membership for payment...  the claims are paid from the funds of the association, and are reclaimed by this disbursal method.
>At any rate, let me get down to it.  I drove for nine months without a problem.... then I got pulled over in my hometown, where one of the cops had noticed my truck before and began an investigation...  he issued me four citations...
>1. Failure to present my NJ Driver's License.
>2. Operating a Motor-Vehicle with ficticious plates.
>3. Unregistered vehicle.
>4. Uninsured vehicle.
>the #4 charge, if found guilty carries a mandatory penalty of loss of license for at least 1 year! 
>My job requires me to travel 60 miles a day... 30 miles each way...  I did not have this job at the time that I got pulled over... and my wife is due to deliver our firstborn child in mid-February.
>My "new" court date is January 6, and I believe it is a fresh start... arraignment.  I will provide more details if you ask, but I am desperately ignorant and seeking help with how to proceed...  while I lack the knowledge of how to proceed, I have no lack of intelligence and I am extremely quick to learn.
>I am asking if you will consider helping me.  If we could win this battle, it would be a first for New Jersey!
>God Bless!
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