Time: Thu Dec 04 10:45:06 1997
To: "Forrest L.Horn" <arbiter@nr.infi.net>
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]

Furthermore, and privately, I am not going to
go public with all the evidence I do have, 
at least not at this time.

That much should have been obvious to you.

Are you working for the Department of Justice?

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:42 AM 12/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Is this from you?  If so, can you please elaborate?  What exactly is
>happening?  That is not clear from what you write.  Also, without more
>substantive details to back up these allegations, all you have is the
>allegations.  If the Department of Justice were accusing you of crimes,
>wouldn't you want them to have some facts to back up THEIR allegations?  
>I think the Federal Government has committed enough stupid and illegal acts
>that we can make some pretty good cases.  The sort of unsubstantiated
>allegations you outline below serve only to weaken our credibility when
>there really is something of substance to decry.
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>>We are now pursuing our investigation into allegations that this group is
>>now operated by the Department of Justice [sic] in Washington,  District of
>>Columbia, Janet Reno "presiding."
>>If you have any information which leads you to believe that you are being
>>deceived in any way by NCMEC, please contact the Supreme Law Firm
>>immediately via email to:
>>         [address in toolbar]
>>We are also making progress identifying the United Nations aircraft which
>>departed from Denver International Airport ("DIA") with a full load of
>>minors, destination: Paris, France.
>>Please alert the several Governors of all Union states, that we have a
>>probable emergency situation developing in Denver, if not also at a number
>>of other international airports within the jurisidiction of the Federal
>>Aviation Administration ("FAA").
>>If you can, please also inform all available ground control crews, Departure
>>Control, FAA-certified air traffic controllers, local law enforcement, all
>>aircraft manufacturers, pilot and crew associations, airport security
>>personnel, and all airport vendor personnel, including parking, restaurant,
>>and other retail sellers within the jurisdiction of airport authorities.
>>Be advised: the kidnap racket is now implicated in numerous felony
>>violations of applicable federal and state laws.  If you are not helped by
>>the several Governors, please contact the local County Sheriffs.  We will be
>>happy to fax your local Sheriff a short, written briefing on the
>>international crisis which is now escalating.
>>Thank you for your consideration.  Please stand by for further dates, at
>>irregular and unpredictable
>>We are standing by.
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell,
>>Candidate for Congress
>>The National Center for Missing 
>>and Abused Children ("NCMAC").
>>Phone number is: 
>>  1-800-843-5678
>>  1-800-THE-LOST
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