Time: Thu Dec 04 13:06:52 1997
To: "John G. Gordon Sr." <johng@jggordon.com> (by way of mel's fern <fmissall@olympus.net>)
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
Subject: SLS: New "due process" loss
Bcc: sls

Do a class action, based in part on the fraud
committed by the State of New Mexico for 
unlawfully converting the Manufacturers' Statements
of Origin for all of the cars and trucks which
are owned by the people whose licenses they just
cancelled.  Then, investigate the fate of all
the funds which the State of New Mexico is
"supposed" to earmark for children's programs!

Then, sit back and watch their reaction!!

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 11:55 AM 12/4/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Howdy all, Fernie here, looks like we're going to see a lot of migration out
>of NM in the coming weeks, John is very thurall in his postings, you can
>believe what he's posted here.  Lets keep on this one and see how it's going
>to spread throughout the United States as an excepted program.  Way to go
>John, this is one that's going to really open a can of worms.
>Release John Pitner, Shirley Allen
>The State of New Mexico, this week, announced that they had sent 
>notices to 20K NM drivers that their drivers licenses had been 
>canceled due to non-compliance with child support payments.  
>The article went on to say the State is the clearing house for
>child support checks, ie, if you owe, you send it to Santa Fe and
>then they sent it to the custody parrent.
>They releived deadbeats of the Commerical Drivers Licenses, Contractor
>Licenses, Professional standings.... last year, through the licensing
>and regulations department.  
>This would not be so bad if there was legal/constitutional standing for 
>such an act _AND_ the applied it uniformly considering the divorce 
>decree.  (I don't have this problem, but I talk to folks who do.)  Seems
>only to be on the money end of the thing, they don't enforce visitation
>rights the same way.  The custody parrent can take the money and never
>allow court ordered visitation.  Don't you feel that personal contact
>with both parrents is important????
>Also while researching this issue, I find the State Game and Fish 
>department is involved as well.  You can't get a hunting license if
>you social security number is on the list, too.  So, looking deeper,
>you can't get a hunting license without a SSAN either.  DOn't think
>that is legal either.....

>At this years COMDEX in Las Vegas, boy wonder Bill Gates was waxing
>eloquent concerning "had the automotive industry had the same direction
>and innovation as the home computer industry, we would have $25 cars 
>that obtained 1000 miles to the gallon, today."  The next day a General 
>Motors spokesman put it all in perspective with a simple question, "What 
>good would $25/1000MPG cars be if they crashed twice a day?" 
>John Gordon - Albuquerque, N. M. - WD5DHR


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