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Subject: Murdering Children to Save the Spies

There is a lot of material already
loaded in the Supreme Law Library,
and more coming, just as soon as
we find the necessary funding.

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The library is free;  the school 
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costs even more money.

Fair enough?

/s/ Paul Mitchell,
Candidate for Congress

At 08:10 PM 12/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>You sir, are the most interesting fellow I have never met!!  Although I am
>confused about the entire OKC bombing scenario (suspicious too!), I am quite
>intrigued with your essay on federal indictments.  My brother may receive
>one or two in the future for not filing tax returns.  I have educated him as
>much as possible about the IRS and their abuses, as I had fallen victim to
>their fraud a couple of years ago.  He has received the fraudulent  "notice
>of levy" and has responded in writing, claiming just a few of the miriad of
>reasons why they can not collect.  In any case, if there is anything that
>can stop the crooks in their tracks, I would be interested to know.
>After the new year, I will be enrolling in your online courses if they are
>still accepting freedom loving students.
>Your newest fan,
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>From: Paul Andrew Mitchell [address in tool bar]
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>Date: Monday, December 01, 1997 6:20 AM
>Subject: SLS: Murdering Children to Save the Spies
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>>                                      c/o 2509 N. Campbell, #1776
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>>                                                 ARIZONA REPUBLIC
>>                                                November 30, 1997
>>Mr. Richard Matsch
>>United States District Court
>>Federal Building
>>Denver, Colorado state
>>Subject:  Murdering Children to Save the Spies
>>Dear Mr. Matsch:
>>I am finally going to break my self-imposed silence on one of the
>>most heinous  acts of terrorism this nation has ever experienced.
>>I believe  that you,  sir, are  a traitor, and I am quite willing
>>and able to prove it.  I do so, herein.  Read on.
>>In my  several years  of specializing  in federal  law,  you  can
>>imagine my  shock one  day, when  I discovered  how easy  it  had
>>become to  rip any  federal indictment  into manifold  shreds  of
>>paper, without even reading to the second page.
>>Beginning at  the top, we usually find one or more U.S. ATTORNeys
>>listed as  having power(s)  of ATTORNey  to represent  the UNITED
>>STATES OF AMERICA (spelled in CAPITAL LETTERS, per force).  Title
>>28 of the United States Code does not authorize U.S. ATTORNeys to
>>represent the  UNITED STATES  OF AMERICA,  but  only  the  United
>>States.  Count one:  misrepresentation.
>>To "ATTORN"  is to  supervise the  transfer of an estate from the
>>old lord  to the  new lord;  it is a term from feudal law.  Isn't
>>it interesting  how closely  the terms  "feudal" and "federal" do
>>sound, when  juxtaposed right next to each other?  The long chain
>>of coincidences does not stop here.  Keep reading!
>>Further on down the first page of any federal indictment, we then
>>find that  all criminal  prosecutions are commenced in the United
>>States District  Court ("USDC").   Unfortunately, the USDC has no
>>criminal jurisdiction  whatsoever.   This has  now been proven by
>>the utter  and demonstrable  silence by the Department of Justice
>>to several  Freedom of  Information Act ("FOIA") requests for the
>>statute(s), if  any, which  grant the  USDC original jurisdiction
>>over  criminal   prosecutions.    There  is  none.    Count  two:
>>deprivation of due process.
>>Reaching the  so-called real parties of interest now, these bogus
>>criminal actions  [sic] invariably  show  the  UNITED  STATES  OF
>>AMERICA as  the moving  Party, but  the Congress  of  the  United
>>States has  never granted  legal standing to the UNITED STATES OF
>>AMERICA to  sue, or  be sued,  in the  USDC.  It is true that the
>>United States  has been  granted standing  to sue, or be sued, in
>>the USDC, but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the United States
>>[sic], are  not one  and the  same.  This you should have learned
>>way back in law school but, alas, they did not teach these things
>>in law  schools way  back when  you were  a student;   they still
>>don't teach these things in law schools.  Count three:  fraud.
>>The names  of criminal  defendants are likewise always spelled in
>>ALL CAPITAL  LETTERS, which  has now  been nailed  for invoking a
>>subtle, unconstitutional,  yes, even  criminal subterfuge whereby
>>martial rule  is impressed upon the People of America, in blatant
>>violation of  the prohibition against treason.  Evidently, I need
>>to remind  you that  one of  the penalties  for treason is death.
>>But, you  already  know  these  things,  correct?    Count  four:
>>treason (a capital offense).
>>Very  rarely,  however,  do  litigants  think  to  challenge  the
>>legality of  the body which issued these bogus indictments in the
>>first place.   You  probably do  not know how many times this has
>>already been done -- properly, timely, lawfully, and correctly --
>>because an  active conspiracy  is afoot, within the Department of
>>Just US, to obstruct any and all pleadings which nail the federal
>>Jury Selection  and Service  Act  for  blatant,  unconstitutional
>>discrimination against  Citizens of  the several  states.   Quite
>>simply, those  who are  qualified to  make law  in  America  are,
>>nevertheless, prevented  from serving  on grand and petit juries,
>>or from  voting in  general elections.   Those  who can  serve on
>>grand and  petit  juries,  or  vote  in  general  elections,  are
>>prevented by  Law from  serving in  any federal  elected offices.
>>Doesn't this strike you as strange?  Count five:  conspiracy.
>>All federal judges are also paying income taxes on their judicial
>>compensation, in  blatant violation  of the  prohibition  against
>>same which  is found in Article III.  This prohibition was upheld
>>in the  magnificent opinion of the Supreme Court in Evans v. Gore
>>in  1920.     Lately,  however,  our  august  Chief  Justice  has
>>confirmed, in  front of a graduate class in the Law School of the
>>University  of   Arizona,  that  "there  has  been  a  change  in
>>doctrine."   But, in  a rare  moment of  sanity, one  of your own
>>colleagues proved,  in Lord  v. Kelley, that the IRS exerts undue
>>influence on  every judge  who is  also a  taxpayer.   Go figure!
>>Count six:  extortion (NOT a change in doctrine!)
>>Delving even  deeper  into  this  putrid  swamp  of  self-serving
>>traitors,  we   find  that   the  IRS  is  also  bribing  federal
>>prosecutors to the tune of $25,000 for each indictment which they
>>obtain  from   federal  grand  juries,  against  the  President's
>>political enemies.  Would you have us believe that federal judges
>>have remained  completely above  this criminal practice?  Perhaps
>>you do  need to  be reminded  here, lest you conveniently forget,
>>that  Congress   abolished   the   Performance   Management   and
>>Recognition System in 1993, whereas the Anti-Kickback Act of 1986
>>remains on the books (see Title 41, U.S.C., sections 51 et seq.).
>>When was  the last  time you  completed the  financial disclosure
>>which is required of you by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978?
>>Count seven:  bribery.
>>And now,  we get  to the  meat of  this matter.   Your efforts to
>>prevent the  truth from emerging in these various show trials are
>>now  becoming  too  painfully  obvious,  even  to  less  educated
>>Americans.   General Partin, a demolition expert in the Pentagon,
>>has already  proven that  the structural  I-beams in  the  Murrah
>>building were  severed, most  likely by  plastic explosives which
>>were drilled  into the  bearing columns  and then  exploded  with
>>pressure-sensitive detonators.   That  famous  bullshit  bomb  of
>>which you  are so  fond, did its job quite well -- the shock wave
>>triggered the  deaths  of  numerous  innocent  children,  not  to
>>mention all  the adults  who lost  their lives  as well.   What a
>>coincidence that  ATF personnel  were conveniently  gone on  that
>>terrible day, at that precise moment!
>>Isn't it a shame, that you too were not in the Murrah building at
>>that precise  moment, so  that you  could now  provide us with an
>>exacting eyewitness  account of how explosive bullshit has become
>>in America.
>>Bullshit, Matsch.  You're no match for it, and it's all over your
>>face, leaving  permanent stains  on your  eyes,  ears,  nose  and
>>throat.  The other stains -- the ones on your soul -- will remain
>>there, forever indelible, forever yours.
>>Irreverently submitted,
>>/s/ Paul Mitchell
>>Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
>>Citizen of Arizona state, Federal Witness,
>>Counselor at Law, and Private Attorney General
>>copy:  the Internet
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